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TB & other skin tests

Examples of what a 1ml syringe \ 25-29 gauge \ 1/4-5/8" is used for:

TB syringe

5-15 degree angle with bevel up, no aspiration or message - what kind of syringe do you go in at this angle?

0.1 ml

Usual dose for a 1ml syringe \ 25-29 gauge \ 1/4-5/8" is:

Insulin & Heparin

Examples of what a 1-3 ml syringe \ 25-32 gauge \ 1/2-5/8" length needle is used for: _____

1ml syringe \ 25-29 gauge \ 1/4-5/8" length needle

Intradermal syringe/needle

1-3 ml syringe \ 25-32 gauge \ 1/2-5/8" length needle

Subcutaneous syringe/needle

0.5 - 3 ml syringe \ 20-25 gauge \ 5/8-3" length needle (depends on site, med, pt. size)

Intramuscular syringe/needle range

0.5ml-1 ml \ 23-25 gauge \ 5/8-1" length needle

Deltoid syringe/needle

1-3ml \ 20-23 gauge \ 1.5-3" length needle

Dorsogluteal syringe/needle

1-5ml \ 20-23 gauge \ 1.5-2.5" length needle

Ventrogluteal syringe/needle

1-3ml \ 21-25 gauge \ 5/8-1.5" length needle

Vastus Lateralis syringe/needle

5 ml (large amounts require large muscle)

Max volume injected into a muscle


Max volume that can be injected into Deltoid

Demerol, Flu shots, B12

Examples of IM meds:

intramuscular injections

Use the 'air bubble' technique for _____.

subcutaneous injections

Abdomen, upper-outer arms, upper-outer thighs, & upper back are sites for _____.

intradermal injections

Insert the needle bevel up for _____.

intradermal injections or when administering insulin or heparin

The only time we don't aspirate is _____.

3ml syringe \ at least 1.5" needle, 3" required for obese pts.

Z Track syringe/needle

Z-Track injections

Insert needle at 90 degree angle after skin is pulled to side for _____.

Imferon, Vistaril

examples of meds used in Z-Track injections

Z-Track injections

Dorsogluteal or Ventrogluteal are appropriate, large muscle, injection sites for _____.


A volume of up to _____ can be administered with Z-Track injections

release the skin simultaneously with needle withdrawal

After you've injected all of the med into the ventrogluteal muscle using the Z-Track technique, be sure to ___.

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