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Warren G. Harding

President who called for a return to normalcy following WWI

Consumer Revolution

Flood of new, affordable goods in the decades after WW1






A residential district located on the outskirts of a city

Frederick Taylor

Father of scientific management

Mass Production

Efficient production of large numbers of identical goods

Henry Ford

United States manufacturer of automobiles who pioneered mass production (1863-1947)

Assembly Lines

A long line of workers and equipment where one worker or group of workers does one job.


Product that help create new jobs/oppurtunities in America and also led to more constuction and building of new places

Washing Machines, Vacuums, Irons, Refridgerators, Radios & Ovens

New products that came out during the 1920's to help make people's lives easier.

Installment Buying

Consumers buys products by promising to pay small, regular amounts over a period of time

Bull Market

Refers to a strong, productive Market


Shares or parts of a Company

Buying on Margin

An option that allowed investors to purchase a stock for only a fraction of its price and borrow the rest


Part of the earnings of a corporation that is distributed to its shareholders


Tall steel frame buildings, which were a big part of the USA's new urban environment




Taxes on foreign goods

Ohio Gang

Harding's Poker Buddies who used the Government to get rich

Charles Forbes

Stole money from the Veteran's Bureau

Albert Fall

Stole oil from the U.S. Navy. Went to jail for 1 year



Teapot Dome Scandal

Scandal during the Harding administration involving the granting of oil-drilling rights on government land in return for money

Calvin Coolidge

Became president when Harding died. Tried to clean up scandals. Business prospered and people's wealth increased. Very different from Harding

Silent Cal

Coolidge's nickname

Washington Naval Conference

Conference that was held in an attempt to put a limit on the size of Nation's navies

Kellogg-Briand Pact

Said that war should always be the absolute last option for any country. An agreement that would basically make war illegal.

Dawes Plan

Plan that was created where the US would loan money to Germany so that Germany could its' reparations to Europe so that the US could get its' money back from Britain

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