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The concept used to describe the unequal distribution of wealth, power, and privilege between men and women
Gender Stratification
When one person owns another
Chattel Slavery
Concept given to indicate a state in which all people of all races and ethnicities remain distinct but have social parity
Throughout time women have had to work to support themselves and their families, especially lower class minority women. This illustrates
Intersection Theory
De jure segregation is segregation... while de facto segregation is segregation....
By law.... by custom
A form of social organization in which females dominate males
Which system of social stratification has most movement?
Class system (Open, lots of mobility)
If you live off less than $275 per year or less than 75 cents per day, you are experiencing..
Extreme Poverty
The term used to describe how males employed in pink-collar occupations often rise more quickly to serve in more powerful positions.
Glass escalator Effect
Social Class refers to a particular social "style" meaning..
Share same economic, social, political, and cultural patterns
Occupations requiring little education skills which tend to involve manual labor and filled by women..
Dorthea is a 56 year old immigrant from Mexico with little education, thus can only find work as a housekeeper.. According to Collins, She's experiencing what has been termed the
Matrix of Domination
The term "stereotype" comes from Greek roots meaning
Firm Impression
Which factors make up a person's socioeconomic status?
Occupation, education, and income
Prior to 1954 Brown Vs. Board of Education, white and black kids attended different school illustrates..
Instituational Racism, Hyper Segregation, and educational caste system .. ALL THE ABOVE
The majority of the world's income can be found in
High Income Countries
SES is an acronym for..
SocioEconomic Status
The glass-ceiling effect refers to
The imaginary wall women hit in certain jobs
Fully developed rich industrialized countries
Race involves highlighting ________ traits; ethnicity involves highlighting _________ traits.
Biological; Cultural
Attitudes and activities that a society links to each sex is referred to as
Gender Roles
Prejudice is a ___________; discrimination is a ______________.
Belief; Action
The US has a class system which is
Open and mobile
Rape occurs more often in societies where
Women have less power, little to no power
The type of slavery where families marry off daughters against their will to be slaves for the husband's family is..
Servile Slavery
The 19th amendment in US Constitution allowed women to
The concept corresponding to the notion that women work full time in labor market and then come home and work unpaid to take care of kids and family and house is..
Second Shift
One reason for stereotyping according to Hurst is
Lack of familiarity or concrete experiences of those with the other race.
the fear of foreigners
The extreme segregation and extreme seclusion of women from public life
Gender Appartide
In which countries is population growth highest?
Low-income, 3rd world
The systematic killing of over 6 million Jews
The condition where women suffer because of extreme poverty and their gender
Double Deprivation
The process by which minorities gradually adopt patterns of dominant group