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AP Psychology Diagnostic 1

Dr. Johnson prescribed lithium for his patient's bipolar disorder. Which modern approach to psychology is consistent with using drug therapy to treat mental health issues.
The Dependent Variable
The variable that an experimenter measures in a controlled experiment.
Measures of central tendency represents the most frequently repeated member of the data set.
Blind Experiment
Brett was involved in a research study to test the effectiveness of a new antidepressant medication. He was unaware whether he was in the experimental or control group, but the person giving him the pill was aware. What experiment control is being utilized?
Sample Survey
The local newspaper is interested in conducting research on where most people think the new homeless shelter should be located. Which research methos would be most helpful in predicting the most popular location.
Independent or Explanatory Variable
Dr. Pham conducted an experiment to determine whether students learned material better in team-taught classrooms or single teacher classrooms. The type of classroom was the:
replicate the experiment on different subjects
To reduce the probability that results of an experiment are due to chance error, researchers:
Hindsight Bias
Refers to people's tendency to exaggerate their ability to predict the outcome of past events.
Descriptive Statistics
Summarize things that you already know, such as what's in your example.
What is the primary difference between an observational study and an experiment
In an experiment, researchers impose a treatment on a group to observe the results.
A class was investigating which brand of chocolate chip cookies had the most chocolate chips by taking a random sampling of five cookies from five different brands. The figures for brand A were: 28. 36. 18. 8. and 25. Which of the following represents the mean for this group.
Which school of psychology was founded by Max Wetheimer, Kurt Kofka, and Wolfgang Kohler.
They design tests to measure psychological variables.
What was the central claim of the Gestalt school of psychology?
Individuals perceive objects and experiences as a whole, which is different from the sum of its parts.
Goals Achieved only by experimenting
to attempt to establish cause and effect.
to compare two groups on their response to treatments.
Characteristic of a Random Sample
is that every member of the population has an equal chance of being selected.
In an experiment to test the effectiveness of a new antidepressant drug, subjects in one of the two groups were given the drug while the other group received an identical looking pill that had no medical properties. What is the term used for the look alike pill?
Charles Darwin and his emphasis on natural selection and adaptation serves as a forerunner for which of the following perspectives of psychology?
Behaviorists focus on
Mental Processes. not scientific method or behavior.
One important goal of an experiment is the extent to which the results can be applied to the greater population. Which of the following issues is being described?
Rogers is to Skinner as
free will is to environmental determinism
Sigmund Freud
the father of the psychoanalytic perspective of psychology
Cognitive Psychology
emphasized how people encode, store, and retrieve memories.
Use of the Scientific Method
What best distinguishes Greek Philosophy from Psychology?
Who had a major role in shaping humanistic psychology beginning in the 1950's.
How we must exervise our free will to reach self-actualization
A major emphasis on humanistic psychology is....
Introspective psychology with an emphasis on sensation and perception
What field of psychology did Wundt study in his laboratory?
Dr. Santos has been brought into the company to try and find ways to improve morale and boost worker productivity. His training is probably in _____ psychology.
Cognitive Psychology
The central focus of the structuralists most closely matches the current perspective of _______ __________
The largets percent of psychologists are found in the ________ field.
Dr. Rosenfeld conducts basic research on how children's thought processes change as they grow older. Which of the following is Dr. Rosenfeld's field of study.
William James, often considered to be the father of American psychology, is associated with which school of psychology?
conduct therapy sessiones for serious mental health problems.
A Psychiatrist and a Clinical Psychologist both:
Evolutionary Psychologist
Which of the following is most likely to be an applied researcher.
False Consensus Bias
Mary believes people who commit first degree murder deserve capital punishment. She believed that at least 80% of her classmates agree with her. When a class vote is taken, only 40% of her classmates agree with her. Which error has she made?
an inferential statistic used to make conclusions about statistical differences.
Standard Deviation is: