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Treatment of microbial infections

"right drug for the right bug

When on digoxin

maintain steady diet of salt/potassium to prevent digitoxicity caused by hypokalemia.

Anticoagulants (like warfarin/Coumadin)

do not dissolve clots, they slow/prevent their formation. The only drugs that dissove clots are the thrombolytic agents (alteplase/Activase)

How soon after MI should treatment with alteplase start?

within 3 hours of onset of symptoms

Name the most common Adverse effect to penicillin

nausea vomiting diahrea

When on any P450 metabolized drug avoid what food?

grapefruit juice

orthostatic hypotension

Decrease in blood pressure related to positional or postural changes from lying to sitting or standing positions

Important fact regarding Beta-Blockers


Name two drug category that is safe for pregnancy

Category a&B

How can hypotension be avoided?

1. have patient change positions slowly
a. roll over
b.. sit up for 30 seconds c.stand for 30 seconds then d. walk

How long will it take for benefits of antidepressants to start?

make take several weeks to be achieved, increase in patient risk due to incremental increase in energy

Name 2 consideration with MAOIs

monamine oxidase inhibitors
should not be taen concurrentlly with any other medications, also require sverely restricted diet without tyramine & tryptophan


unable to follow therapy


lacking desire, training, memory tools to follow directions

What is the number 1 drug of overdose death for all ages?

acetaminophen via heptatoxicity

small doses of what drugs can Kill toddlers?

beta-blockers, clcium channel blockers, clonidine

Rgarding anti-gout drugs

they are not given to treat increase in uric acid without the presence of gout (uric acid crystallization)


Accumulation of uric acid in joints (a waste product formed from the breakdown of nucleic acids)

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