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Final Pharm - Nursing Implications (assssment/monitoring)

Name #1 reson for resistant bacteria
poor handwashing habits by hospital staff
Name first sign of anemia
sore throat
How does a Hypoglycemic agent work?
lowers blood glucose level; an anti glycemic agent halts its further rise
Insulin types
prandiol=given with food
basal= doesn't need food
What is the drug of choice for penicillin-allergic patients
Name the 5 Steps of Nursing Process
1. Assessment
2. Nursing Diagnosis & Outcome Identification (document desired outcome)
3. Planning (identifying sig btwn drug knowledge and patient variables)
4. Intervention (max therapeutic effects, min adverse effects, education)
5. Evaluation (ongoing assessments and appropriate serial testing)
Patient's Rights of Drug Administration (6 rights)
*Correct patient
*correct drug
Maximum safe dose based on child's weight.
(safe dose/kg) x (child's weight in kg)
remember 1kg = 2.2 lbs convert weight in lbs to kg
*25 mg/kg twice/day, for a 22 lb child = 25mg/kg x (22lbs/2.2) x 2 dose/day = 500 mg/day