Level H Unit 7

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inchoate(adj.) just beginning; not fully shaped or formed synonyms:incipient, embryonic, rudimentary antonyms:mature, developed, completelampoon(n.) a malicious satire; (v.) to satirize, ridicule synonyms:burlesque, parody antonyms:compliment, flattery, homagemalleable(adj.) capable of being formed into different shapes; capable of being altered, adapted, or influenced synonyms:pliable, impressionable, adaptable antonyms:rigid, inflexible, unyielding, intractablenemesis(n.) an agent or force inflicting vengeance or punishment; retribution itself; an unbeatable rival synonyms:comeuppance, avenger antonyms:guardian angel, ally, patronopt(v.) to make a choice or decision synonyms:choose, select, decidephilistine(adj.) lacking in, hostile to, or smugly indifferent to cultural and artistic values or refinements; (n.) such a person synonyms:boorish, lowbrow, yahoo antonyms:refined, cultivated, esthete, highbrowpicaresque(adj.) involving or characteristic of clever rogues or adventurers; of or relating to an episodic style of fiction dealing with the adventures of a rough and dishonest but appealing hero. synonyms:roguish, rascally, rakishqueasy(adj.) nauseated or uneasy; causing nausea or uneasiness; troubled synonyms:unsettled antonyms:calm, untroubled, confidentrefractory(adj.) stubborn; hard or difficult to manage; not responsive to treatment or cure synonyms:unruly, disobedient, willful, mulish antonyms:docile, tractable, dutiful, obedientsavior-faire(n.) the ability to say and do the right thing in any situation; social competence synonyms:tact, finesse, suavity, sophistication antonyms:tactlessness, gaucherie, boorishness