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Government Regulates Business Activity?

To protect the environment

Governments Can Provide?

Economic incentives and assist organizations to adopt improvements

Environmental Protection Agency?

Main regulatory agency charged with pollution control

Major Areas of Regulation?

Air, Water and Land Pollution

Environmental Standards?

Minimum standards for environmental performance, allowable levels of pollution

Information Disclosure?

Government encourages companies to pollute less by publishing information about amount of pollutants they emit per year

Civil and Criminal Enforcement?

Guidelines for sentencing environmental offenders

Market Based Mechanisms?

Tradable permits- buy and sell right to pollute

Performance Assessment?

Through environmental audits and sustainability reports that integrate social, economic and environment performance

Ecologically Sustainable Organization (ESO)?

Standard that can be used as benchmark for organizations to be compared to

Improve Performance In?

Ethical/moral values, reputation, competitive edge

Competitive Edge?

Clean technology, product stewardship, pollution prevention

Technological Innovation?

Methods for reducing pollution and increasing efficiency

Strategic Planning?

Cultivate vision of sustainability

Cost Savings?

Reduce pollution/hazardous waste, reuse or recycle materials, operate with energy efficiency

Product Differentiation?

Reputation for environmental excellence can attract customers

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