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TR Respectful interactions working with patients effectively

is being redefined would commonly be spousal and blood relationships, same gender large area of growth
interactive (process by which care is directed)
composed of communication, family relationship and social supports
developmental (process by which care is directed)
involves integrating infant into family accomodating to new parenting role and maintainby marital roles teaach parents milestones and see if any delays are devloping
coping (process by which care is directed)
problem solving adaption to stress and crises and management of resources. how is family handling everyday stresses, dealin with chronically ill, finances etc..
integrity (process by which care is directed)
involves family values, rituals, history and identity, is the family still following rituals, if not why, are they to rituals that the are not flexible with inteference (rituals and celbrations should remain as normal as possible)
health (process by which care is directed)
status health beliefs and lifestyle practices
orderliness (general principles of human growth and development)
development is orderly with same sequences. fetus can trun head before extending arms, sit befor standing etc..
discontinuity (general principles of human growth and development)
growth orderly but not always smoot and gradual speriods of very rapid blank blank
differentiation (general principles of human growth and development)
development is simple to complex from general to specific
cephalocaudal (general principles of human growth and development)
head to distal: ability to hold head erect comes before sitting
proximodistal and bilateral (general principles of human growth and development)
central development to periphery central nervous system devvelops before peripheral nervous system
bilateral development growth is symetrical
(consistency in approach constancy of presence and continuity of treatment) 3 cs
3 Cs
detail: factors that could lead to discomfort wet hungry clothing tight
health proffesional
detail: what are we wearing rouch sharp etc
detail: temp, space, odors, etc..
important when working w a toddler fosters physical cognitive, language and emotional development
symbolic (play)
wearing health professionals clothing (pretend to be DR
onlooker (play)
watching others
parallell (play)
side by side
associative (adolescent play)
shared activity and communication
cooperative (adolescent play)
rules are followed and goals achieved
must have available public education in the least rstrictive environment to individual needs
early (adolescent)
last about two years growth spurts maturing preproductive functions/organs, increase wt changes in body proportions, can have profound psychological results self image goversn everything self absorbed with fitting in
late (adolescent)
self identy emerges as pratice roles/responsibilties assume as adults
mature minors doctrine
legal rights addressed with allows parents or states to speak on behalf of a minor only as long as minor is unable to represent hipself - to dtermine mature minor usel health care professionals independent of parents
integrity (aged)
success of psychological and social adjustement depend on ability to meet most basic psychosocial developmental challenge of old age
person understands accepts and loves life he has led
possesses wisdom and willing to share w next generation
opposite feelings can hinder smooth transition into old age
disingagement theory
self isolation even before death of friends
retire ment is permission to disengate
some do question this theory as a true indicator of successful aging
socioemotional theory
selective tehory more selective of social partners to conserve energy and to regulate emotion
gerotrancendence theory
a shift in perspective from materialistic rational vision to a more cosmic and transcendent one final step in maturation and achieving wisdom
successful (aging)
lifelong process optimizing opportunity for imporving and perserving health physical social and mental wellness independence qulity of life and enhancing successful life cours transitions
fusion (friendships)
fused to or integral part of other roles such as family or occupation increase or decrease in importance depending on present situation
substitute (friendships)
person channels energyies to someone or something else
complementary (friendships)
develop form situations in which another role and the friendship are mutually supportive
competitive (friendships)
rights (violation caregiver abuse)
where they live their medical treatment
material (abuse caregiver abuse)
steal money or items
psychological (intimidation caregiver abuse)
intimidation fear of retaliation
physical (abuse caregiver abuse)
beating, neglect
fears (of dying)
physical countermeasure
material treasures
submersion in (heaven) ultimate reality
kubler (ross)
denial shock grief
coping derpession
anger hostility