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Certain biblical allusions from Cautero's list

Cain and Abel

The two sons of Adam and Eve. The older was a farmer; the younger was a shepherd. They made offerings to God, who liked the lamb better than the wheat. The older son slew his brother out of jealousy, for which he was forced to roam as an outcast, with a horrible mark on his forehead that showed that he killed his brother. He said, "Am I my brother's keeper?"

Abraham and Sarah

He is the 1st patriarch of Judaism (1st to accept monotheism). She is his wife. They were married for a long time and had no children. She suggest that he mate with her maid-servant, Hagar, so they would have an heir. After that child was born, the wife became pregnant and forced the husband to throw out the maid and her son. Their son is Isaac.

Hagar and Ishmael

She is the maid of Sarah that Abraham had a child with. He is their child, who became a wandering outcast.


Son of Abraham and Sarah. God tested Abraham's faith by ordering him to sacrifice Isaac on a mountain. They went up to the mountain, with Isaac just a bit suspicious that there was no animal to sacrifice (Abraham said God would provide). Just as he was about to slit Isaac's throat, an angel stayed his hand and he then saw a ram in nearby bushes, which he killed instead.

Rachel and Leah

Wives of Jacob. He fell in love with the younger. Her father said he could marry her if he worked for 7 years. After the wedding, he lifted the veil to find that he'd married the older sister instead. He still wanted the younger, so he worked for another 7 years, while having lots of kids with the older.


1st son of Rachel and Jacob, who loved him more than all his other sons because he loved the mother (Rachel) more than the mother of his other children (Leah). Joseph flaunted his father's favor, esp. by showing off his many-colored coat that was a gift from Jacob. Other brothers were jealous and planned to murder him; instead sold him into slavery in Egypt, where his ability to interpret dreams led him to become the pharaoh's right-hand man.

Ruth and Naomi

The first convert to Judaism and a symbol of loyalty, and her mother-in-law.


King of the Hebrews known for his wisdom. When 2 women appeared before him, both claiming that the same baby belonged to them, he ordered it cut in half, so each could have half. The woman who screamed not to was given it, since he determined that she really must love it.


Jewish woman married to a Persian king. An evil man wanted to kill the Jews, but she stopped him by pleading with her husband.


A young boy who had the courage to fight Goliath and killed him with a slingshot. He became king and was good, except for lusting after a married Bathsheba, whose husband he then sent to the front lines to get killed so he could marry her. They became the parents of Absalom and Solomon.


A Hebrew whom God commanded to go to Nineveh to tell the people there to stop sinning. He didn't want to and tried to escape by boat, but God made a great storm. When the others on board realized that Jonah was the person God was mad at, they threw him overboard. He was eaten by a "great fish" and lived inside it for a few days before repenting and being regurgitated. He then went to Nineveh and followed God's orders. A symbol of learning the hard way.


A symbol of loyalty and faith in God. God and Satan made a bet as to whether or not he would curse God, no matter what bad things occurred. God gave Satan free rein to test him, everything bad that could possibly happen and he still didn't curse God. Eventually, God won and gave him back everything he'd lost.

John the Baptist

Born before Jesus and announced his coming. Baptized Jesus and was one of his followers. After Jesus's death, he was captured by Herod for preaching Jesus's word. Salom danced for Herod, who offered her any gift in payment. She requested this man's head, which was delivered to her on a silver platter.

The Magi

The Wise Men who followed the star to Bethlehem to see baby Jesus the night he was born and brought him gifts to honor his birth.

Loaves and fishes

One of Jesus's most famous miracles. Many people came to hear him preach to feed the masses by multiplying a few of these. Everyone was fed with food to spare. Symbolizes a miraculous finding of resources when that seems impossible.


Originally the top angel and sat at God's right hand. He got jealous and tried a coup, which failed and he was set to Hell.


Originally a Philistine deity worshipped as the lord of the flies; that name and image got transferred to Christianity; ranks next to Satan in Paradise Lost


Antagonist of Christ who will appear before the second coming, claiming to be Christ, and make serious trouble until Christ actually comes and defeats him


A great battle between the forces of good and evil that is to occur at the end of the world. Now means any great and decisive battle.

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