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Includes a description of each gang member (including Darry). Remember: Darry is NOT a gang member. BTW, L/D = likes and dislikes.

Ponyboy Curtis

Appearance: light-brown, almost red hair; greenish-gray eyes; long and greasy hair; wears greaser wardrobe (blue jeans, t-shirts, leather jackets, tennis shoes or boots); small, good build (for his age); has scars and bruises on his face

Personality: loner (chooses to be); book smart, not street smart (or doesn't uses his head); quiet; nervous

L/D: L-books; L-Sodapop; D-Dally; L-smoking; D-Socs; L-Johnny; L-football; L-walking; DOESN'T trust people with green eyes (even though he has a shade of green eyes him self); D-Darry treating him like a baby

Other Info: 14 yrs. old; related to Darry+Sodapop; goes to school; Parents died in a car accident; a greaser

Sodapop Curtis

Appearance: combed back gold hair; dark brown eyes; thin; greasers wardrobe (see Ponyboy); sensitive face; movie-star handsome; shorter than Darry

Personality: happy,go-lucky; understands; energetic-can't sit still; funny; common-sense-street smart, not book smart

L/D: L-Sandy; L-Steve Randle; L-his brothers; L-Greasers; D-Socs; D-school; D-movies-can't sit still, talks through them; D-alcohol

Other Info:middle brother of Darry+Ponyboy; dropped out of school; Parents died in a car accident; greaser/East side; works at a gas station (DX);16 yrs. old

Darrel Curtis (Darry)

Appearance: dark, brown hair; pale, blue-green eyes; 6-foot, 2 inches tall; greasers wardrobe (see Ponyboy); muscular; never grins

Personality: strict; caring; responsible; respectful; hard-working; stressed; selfless; street smart, book smart

L/D: L-his brothers; L-football; L-his brothers; L-Greasers; D-Socs beating greasers; D-school; D-brothers getting in trouble; D-Pony not using his head

Other Info:oldest brother of Sodapop+Ponyboy; won a scholarship to college; Parents died in a car accident; greaser/East side; popular/boy of the year; 20 yrs. old; has 2 jobs (roofer); guardian of 2 brothers-Sodapop and Ponyboy; captain of the football team in high school

Dallas Winston (Dally)

Appearance: elfish face; pointed ears and chin; hair as light as white; greasers wardrobe (see Ponyboy); high cheekbone; sharp teeth

Personality: tougher; meaner; colder; street smart; violent; angry; bitter; rude

L/D: L-fighting; L-Johnny; D-Socs; D-the world; D-haircuts and hair oil

Other Info: girlfriend is Sylvia; jumped little kids; drinks, smokes; has a long police record; Greaser/East-Side

Johnny Cade (Johnnycake)

Appearance: big-black eyes; long, greasy- black hair; shaggy bangs; tan face; small/slim; greasers wardrobe (see Ponyboy)

Personality: tense; jumpy; shy; quiet; nervous, tough; understanding

L/D: L-greasers; L-Cherry; D-Socs; D-his dad hitting him; D- his mom ignoring or yelling at him; D-Blue Mustangs; D-rings

Other Info: Greaser/East side; in school; gang's pet; has a switchblade; smokes cigarettes; 16 yrs. old

Steve Randle

Appearance: tall and lean; thick, swirly greasy hair; greasers wardrobe (see Ponyboy)

Personality: cocky; smart; tough; book smart+street smart

L/D: L-Sodapop; L-cars; L-Evie; D-Ponyboy being a tag-along; D-Socs

Other Info: Greaser/East side; Sodapop's best friend; works at a gas station with Sodapop (DX); Girlfriend is Evie; steals; held off four Socs with a broken bottle; 17 yrs. old

Keith Matthews (Two-Bit)

Appearance: rusty-colored side-burns; gray eyes; 6-foot tall; greasers wardrobe (see Ponyboy); wide grin; stocky-thick build

Personality: proud; talkative; wise-cracker; funny; street smart

L/D: L-blonds; L-school; L-fights; L-Greasers; D-Socs

Other Info:oldest/head of the gang; has a car; shoplifter; greaser/East side; has a black-handled knife; has a mom and a sister; still a junior in high school

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