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In the insight stage, when the client is able to attain insight on his/ her own with a little encouragement, use

open questions.

After a challenge, interpretation, self-disclosure, or immediacy has been used and the client is trying to understand it, use...

open questions about feelings, reflection of feelings, and restatement.

In the insight stage, after relationship has been established and the client is contradictory, ambivalent, unable to make a decision, or is stuck, use

challenge and open questions.

In the insight stage, after relationship has been established and the client feels shame about revealing things, has a hard time gaining insight, or feels blamed or isolated, use...

self disclosure, reflection of feelings, immediacy, or approval and reassurance

In the insight stage, when the client does not completely understand or expresses disagreement with insight interventions, to deal with the relationship, encourage self-control or deal with resistance, use...

repeat the intervention in different way, wait until the client seems more receptive, immediacy, open questions about feeling, or reflection of feelings

If there is a problem in the relationship that impedes progress or if the client's behavior has negative effects on the helper (and probably others) and feedback would be helpful, use

challenge and immediacy

If the helper's countertransference feelings are interfering with the helping process...

seek supervision or personal therapy

Insight interventions need to be used (how?)

gently and tentatively, with caring and empathy

pay attention to multicultural differences in the insight stage, particularly in terms of...

values, compliance with authority figures, and comfort-levels with direct confrontation.

Make sure not to move to the insight stage until...

the therapeutic relationship is firmly established.

Should insight come from the helper or the client?

Both should work collaboratively together.

True or false: Insight is useful to and wanted by everyone.


True or false: skills from the exploration stage are useful in the insight stage.


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