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  1. zygote
  2. anaphase
  3. cell cycle
  4. semiconservative replication
  5. germ cell
  1. a A cell that can undergoes meiosis and give rise to gametes.
  2. b Describes the process of DNA replication, by which one strand of each copy of a DNA molecule is new, and the other is a strand of the original DNA.
  3. c Stage of mitosis when sister chromatids separate and move to opposite spindle poles.
  4. d first cell of a new individual, fertilized
  5. e The time a cell forms until it reproduces. In eukaryotes, it consists of interphase, mitosis, and cytoplasmic division.

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  1. one allele is not fully dominant over another, the phenotype is somewhere in between
  2. Process when chromosomes exchange corresponding segments; puts nonparental combinations of alleles in gametes.
  3. Curve that results from a range of variation for a continuous trait; plotted against the frequency
  4. Three or more alleles persist in a population.
  5. observable traits.

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  1. metaphaseStage of mitosis when cell's chromosomes align midway


  2. Punnett squareobservable traits.


  3. sex chromosomeOne of two attached members of a duplicated eukaryotic chromosome.


  4. independent assortmentalleles are distributed into gametes independently of alleles of all other genes during meiosis.


  5. genotypeobservable traits.