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  1. homozygous dominant
  2. codominance
  3. heterozygous
  4. centromere
  5. locus
  1. a region on a chromosome where sister chromatids are attached.
  2. b two different alleles at a gene locus on the chromosome Aa
  3. c alleles that are both fully expressed neither is dominant or recessive.
  4. d The location of a gene on a chromosome
  5. e a pair of dominant alleles at a locus on homologous chromosomes; e.g., AA.

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  1. Curve that results from a range of variation for a continuous trait; plotted against the frequency
  2. All genes tend to stay together during meiosis but may be separated by cross-overs.
  3. two (2n) of each type of chromosome characteristic
  4. Process by which a cell duplicates its DNA before it divides.
  5. Describes the process of DNA replication, by which one strand of each copy of a DNA molecule is new, and the other is a strand of the original DNA.

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  1. crossing overA nitrogen-containing base in nucleotides; also, base-pairs with guanine in DNA and RNA.


  2. anaphaseStage of mitosis and meiosis in which chromosomes condense a become attached to spindles.


  3. multiple allele systemThe time a cell forms until it reproduces. In eukaryotes, it consists of interphase, mitosis, and cytoplasmic division.


  4. geneHeritable unit of information in DNA


  5. kinaseA gene that arises by mutation and encodes slightly different versions of the same gene product.