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  1. epistasis
  2. homozygous
  3. bipolar spindle
  4. mutation
  5. sperm
  1. a Permanent, small-scale change in DNA. Primary source of new alleles
  2. b dynamically assembled array of microtubules that moves chromosomes during mitosis or meiosis.
  3. c identical alleles at a gene locus on the chromosome, AA.
  4. d Mature male gamete.
  5. e products of two or more gene pairs that influence a single trait

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  1. Mature, haploid reproductive cell
  2. cell division mechanism that maintains the chromosome number.
  3. The sum of all chromosomes in a cell of a given type
  4. Heritable unit of information in DNA
  5. Fusion of a sperm nucleus and an egg nucleus

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  1. probabilitythe chance a particular outcome of an event will occur; depends on the total number of outcomes possible.


  2. hybridtwo (2n) of each type of chromosome characteristic


  3. cytokinesisA nitrogen-containing base in nucleotides; also, base-pairs with guanine in DNA and RNA.


  4. DNA replicationProcess by which a cell duplicates its DNA before it divides.


  5. codominancealleles that are both fully expressed neither is dominant or recessive.


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