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you can make a layer active by clicking its name on which panel
where can you find the brush tips for the smudge tool?
Brush presets panels
RGB colors are
which of the following should you press and hold while selecting contiguous layers?
how many shades of gray are available in a grayscale image?
what layer is always at the bottom of a stack
the mixer brush tool has two paint wells the what and the pickup well
a dashed line that surrounds an area is called a
each dot in a bitmap image is called a
which of the following is not a brush library that comes with photoshop
wet media brushes 2
when the magic wand tool is selected the options bar does not include a
tolerance check box
which of the following smudge options uses the foreground color at the beginning of each stroke?
finger paint
which area of the photoshop window contains frequently used tools?
tools panel
where is the patch tool located
tools panel
which of the following is not a consideration when choosing blending modes
the colors inside the gamut
an irreversible process used to reduce the size of photoshop files is called
what is the key to creating and manipulating photshop images
which feature can be used to resize an image without changing important content
content-aware scale
which of the following settings should create a nice fade in a vignette
15 pixels
you can temporarily change any selected tool into the move tool by pressing and holding what
[Ctrl] (Win) or [command] (mac)
what is the value range of a step
by changing the mode of a grayscale image to what color, you can use painting tools to tint an image
Which of the following fonts is sans serif
Century Gothic
what is the term for descriptive standardized information about a file, and includes information such as the authors name, copyright, and keywords associated withit
which of the following is photoshops unique file format extension
which setting blurs the area between the selection and the surrounding pixels
photoshop is a powerful tool for
communicating ideas visually
how many transform commands appear on the Edit menu
as a rule, type that has a point size greater than what should have some anti-aliasing method applied
to distribute the content on layers in your image, you must first select ___ or more layers
what symbol indicates a disabled layer mask
red X
how many layers are there in a flattened file
what filters let you create waves or curves in type
which light properly lightens or darkens the ellipse
which menu is used to flatten an image
what is the direction in which an image appears on the page
to slightly enlarge a marquee you can use the ___ command and the select menu
in __ each character can take up a different amount of space, depending on its width
proportional spacing
which of the following tools can be used to paint an existing pattern
pattern stamp
the link mask state displays in the __ panel
where are all layers in a photoshop file displayed
layers panel
which of the following should you press and hold while deselecting multiple layer
what is the term for a special layer that acts as a color filter for a single layer or for all layers beneath it
adjustment layer
which color mode is used by computer monitors
On which menu is the color range command located
the opacity setting of a drop shadow is measured on a scale of
how many brush libraries are available in photoshop
what three ideals make up the project complexity triangle
good, fast, cheap