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Chapter 2 Quizlet *

The following is a collection of vocabulary terms encountered during Chapter 2 of the CPM Core Connections Course 2 text.

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absolute value
the distance of a number from zero
additive identity
the number that can be added to any number and not change the value
additive inverse
the number you have to add to a given number to get a sum of zero
Distributive Property
for any a, b, and c... the following equivalency is true: (a[b+c] = ab + ac)
having the same value
four-quadrant graph
the graph that utilizes the entire coordinate plane...including the negative parts of each axis
the set of numbers that contains all whole numbers and their opposites
improper fraction
a fraction that has a value greater than one
the set of numbers between any two given numbers
mixed number
the sum of a whole number and a fraction
rational numbers
numbers that can be expressed as a fraction (a/b)...where a and b are integers, and b does not equal zero
repeating decimal
a decimal that repeats the same sequence of digits forever from some point onward
the ratio between a length of the representation (a map, model, or diagram) and the corresponding length of the actual object
terminating decimal
a decimal that has a finite number of non-zero digits