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  1. perikaryon
  2. cytoskeleton
  3. propogation of action potentials
  4. action potential (nerve impulses)
  5. autonomic nervous system
  1. a -are transmitted from presynaptic neuron
    -to postsynaptic neuron (or other postsynaptic cell)
    -across a synapse
  2. b -controls contractions of smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glandular secretions
    -sympathetic division
    -parasympathetic division
  3. c continuous propagation - unmyelinated axons

    saltatory propagation - myelinated axons
  4. d neuroplasm
  5. e neurofilaments

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  1. graded potentials developed in a postsynaptic cell
    -in response to neurotransmitters
  2. produce neurotransmitters (proteins)
  3. cells that send and receive signals
  4. fine extensions of distal axon
  5. -action potential arrives, depolarizes synaptic knob
    -calcium ions enter synaptic knob, trigger exocytosis of ACh
    -ACh binds to receptors, depolarizes postsynaptic membrane
    -AChE breaks ACh into acetate and choline

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  1. temporal summation-increases speed of action potentials
    -myelin insulates myelinated axons
    -makes nerves appear white


  2. disorders of nervous tissueneuron - perform all communication, information processing, control functions of nervous system
    neuroglia - momma cells, nourish, clean up others; preserve physical and biochemical structure of neural tissue and are essential to survival and function of neurons


  3. oligodendrocytes-processes contact other neuron cell bodies
    -wrap around axons to form myelin sheaths


  4. electrochemical gradients for potassium and sodium ions


  5. neural responses to injurieswallerian degeneration - axon distal to injury degenerates
    schwann cells - form path for new growth; wrap new axon in myelin


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