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  1. structure of a synapse
  2. synaptic terminals
  3. structural classification of neurons
  4. astrocytes
  5. inhibition
  1. a
  2. b also, synaptic knobs
    -neuromuscular junction
    -tips of telodenria
    -contain synaptic vesicles of neurotransmitters
  3. c
  4. d a neuron that receives many IPSPs
    -is inhibited from producing an action potential
    -because the stimulation needed to reach threshold is increased
  5. e -maintain blood-brain barrier (isolates CNS)
    -control interstitial environment

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  1. functions are to process and coordinate:
    -sensory data: from inside and outside body
    -motor commands: control activities of peripheral organs (e.g. skeletal muscles)
    -higher functions of brain: intelligence, memory, learning, emotion
  2. -myelinated
    -large diameter
    -high speed
    -carry rapid information to/from CNS
    -e.g. position, balance, touch, motor impulses
  3. cell body
  4. -controls skeletal muscle contractions

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  1. two major efferent systemssomatic nervous system (SNS) -
    autonomic (visceral) nervous system (ANS) -


  2. intro to neuroglia-carry instructions from CNS to peripheral effectors
    -via efferent fibers (axons)


  3. axon diameter and speedthree groups of axons:
    type A fibers -
    type B fibers -
    type C fibers -

    these groups are classified by:
    diameter of axon -
    myelination -
    speed of action potentials -


  4. action potential (nerve impulses)-are transmitted from presynaptic neuron
    -to postsynaptic neuron (or other postsynaptic cell)
    -across a synapse


  5. cholinergic synapsesany synapse that releases ACh
    -all neuromuscular junctions with skeletal muscle fibers
    -many synapses in CNS
    -all neuron-to-neuron synapses in PNS
    -all neuromuscular and neuroglandular junctions of ANS parasymphathetic division