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Number the Stars Book Test

Review for the book test
Who is Annemarie?
A girl who wasn't sure if she was brave enough to save anyone. She found courage to face the Nazis.
Who is Ellen
A girl who is Annemarie's best friend and is Jewish.
Who is Kirsti?
A girl who was convinced there were fireworks for her birthday.
Who is Mrs. Rosen?
Ellen's mother. She is afraid of water.
Who is Papa?
A man who had to stay in Copenhagen so that the Nazis wouldn't become suspicious.
Who is Mama?
She is a woman who broke her ankle.
Who is Uncle Henrik?
He is a fisherman.
Who is Great-Aunt Birte?
A fictional character invented as an excuse for the Jews to gather at Uncle Henrik's house.
Who is Lise?
A girl who was killed when the Nazis were trying to break up the Danish Resistance fighters.
Who is Peter?
A member of the Danish Resistance. He was eventually captured and executed.
What was life like in Copenhagen now that the Nazis were occupying the country?
There were shortages of supplies like coffee, butter, and fuel.
What is the Star of David?
A symbol of the Jewish religion.
Why did Papa and Mama decide they should take Ellen to Uncle Henrik's house?
Uncle Henrik could take Ellen and the Rosens to Sweden.
How did Papa fool the Nazi soldiers when they asked why Ellen's hair was dark when Annemarie's hair was blonde?
He showed them a picture of Lise as a baby.
Who was Great-Aunt Birte?
She was not a real person.
How did Mama fool the Nazi soldiers when they wanted to open Aunt Birte's casket?
She told them they should open the casket even though Aunt Birte might have typhus germs on her body.
What happened to the packet Peter gave Mr. Rosen?
It fell out of his pocket when he tripped on the loose step.
Annemarie stayed on the path rather than going on the road because...?
Fewer people would see her on the path.
After the war was over...?
Annemarie asked Papa to fix Ellen's Star of David necklace.
One of the true events of this novel is...?
The Danes smuggled almost the entire Jewish population out of Denmark.