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2018-2019 WordMasters Grade 4 List 1 - With Parts of Speech


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moat (n.)
a deep, wide ditch surrounding a castle, fort, or town, typically filled with water and intended as a defense against attack.
plume (n.)
1. a feather
2. a rising column of smoke, dust, or water
rumble (v.)
1. to make a long, deep sound or series of sounds
2. to fight
3. to move slowly and heavily, making a rumbling sound
homely (adj.)
unattractive, plain looking
stalk (v.)
to hunt, pursue
stalk (n.)
the main stem of a plant
arch (n.)
a curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening and typically supporting the weight of a bridge, roof, or wall above it
arch (v.)
to form into a curved shape
stagnant (adj.)
1. foul from standing still; inactive, sluggish, dull
2. not running or flowing (as of water)
wisp (n.)
1. a small thin or twisted bunch, piece, or amount of something
2. a small thin person, typically a child
churn (v.)
stir up very hard
churn (n.)
device used to make butter
raspy (adj.)
harsh or grating in sound
drone (v.)
to talk on and on in a dull way
drone (n.)
1. a loafer, idler
2. a buzzing or humming sound
3. a remote-control device; a male bee;
scorch (v.)
to burn slightly
colossal (adj.)
very big; enormous
bungalow (n.)
a small cottage, usually one story
doze (v.)
sleep lightly; nap; to slumber
minute (adj.)
very small; tiny
minute (n.)
a period of time equal to 60 seconds
hunch (n.)
a guess or feeling not based on facts
hunch (v.)
to bend over into a crooked position
clog (n.)
something that makes movement or progress difficult
clog (v.)
to block something
dramatic (adj.)
exciting, moving, sensational, emotional
hurdle (n.)
1. a problem or difficulty that must be solved or dealt with before you can achieve something
2. obstacle
3. an upright frame, typically one of a series, that athletes in a race must jump over
hurdle (v.)
to jump or get over an obstacle; overcome
adorn (v.)
to add beauty; to decorate
outburst (n.)
a sudden release of strong emotion
gnarled (adj.)
knotted, twisted, lumpy.
slumber (v.)
to sleep lightly; to doze
slumber (n.)
sleep; a time when someone is asleep
silken (adj.)
soft, smooth, and shining