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Chemical reactions of Phenol

Phenol and water
•Phenol is a ____ acid but is a ______ acid than aliphatic alcohols
•The aromatic ring helps to _____ the O-H bond and stabilises the resulting _____
•It ______ very slightly in water to form a ____ ____ solution
•Weak, Stronger
•Weaken, anion
•Dissolves, weak acid
Write the equation for the reaction of phenol with water and a rough diagram of how it reacts in water.
C₆H₅OH(aq)+ H₂O -> C₆H₅O⁻(aq) + H⁺(aq)
Phenol and Sodium hydroxide
•Phenol reacts with sodium hydroxide to form a _____ : ______ ______
•It is _____ and water _______
•salt, sodium phenoxide
•ionic, water soluble
Write the equation for the reaction of Phenol with Sodium hydroxide
C₆H₅OH(aq) + NaOH(aq) ->C₆H₅O⁻Na⁺(aq) + H₂O(l)
Reaction of Phenol with Sodium
•Phenol reacts with sodium to form an _____ ____ : _____ ______
•Also produces ______
•ionic salt, sodium phenoxide
Write the equation of the reaction of Phenol with sodium