Structures of the Lymphatic System

Lymph fluid
also known as lymph; plasma;is intercellular fluid as it returns to the venous cirulatory system; lymph picks up waste prodicts from the cells
Lymph Capillaries
carries lymph fluids from the tissue to the larger lymph vessels
are specialized lymph capillaries located in the villi of the small intestine. There fat and fat soluable vitamins are carried into the bloodstream
Lymph nodes
bean shaped structures; located in lymph vessels. they filter lymph to remove harmful substances.
mases of lymphatic tissue that form a protective ring around the nose and upper throat.
Vermiform appendix
lymphatic tissue that from the lower portion of the cecum of the large intestine.
Peyer's patches
are small bundles of lymphatic tissue located on the walls of the ileum of the small intestine.
mass of lymphatic tissue located in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen,forms lymphocytes and monocytes.removes worn out red out blood cells.
composed largely of lymphatic tissue it plays an important role in the endocrine and immune system