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  1. Treaty of Verdun
  2. Serf
  3. The Reconquista
  4. Sacraments
  5. First Lord
  1. a Charlemagne's heirs split the Empire into three regions
  2. b A member of the lowest feudal class, attached to the land owned by a lords and required to perform labor for certain legal or customary rights
  3. c Liege Lord
  4. d The campaign by Europeans Christians to dive the Muslims from present- day- Spain (Ferdinand and Isabella)
  5. e 7 special blessings, help your passage to heaven

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  1. Latin word for Middle Ages
  2. Groups created to cooperate in protecting shared economic interests
  3. When an entire area is excommunicated
  4. Church version of Sharia Law
  5. Obedience, poverty, Chastity, day divided into work, worship, and study

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  1. Fife10% of tax to the Church


  2. TitheA grant of land that comes with a serf


  3. Knight10% of tax to the Church


  4. NobilityOf Family tie to the royals


  5. DiocleationTook over of their husband was gone