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  1. The Reconquista
  2. Diocleation
  3. Canon Law
  4. Nobility
  5. Women
  1. a Took over of their husband was gone
  2. b Church version of Sharia Law
  3. c The campaign by Europeans Christians to dive the Muslims from present- day- Spain (Ferdinand and Isabella)
  4. d Divided the empire into two parts
  5. e Of Family tie to the royals

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  1. 10% of tax to the Church
  2. King or queen
  3. Basic economic system of the Middle Ages was the Serf working the lord's land in exchange for protection
  4. Non- religious
  5. Ordained member of religion

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  1. Fife10% of tax to the Church


  2. First LordLiege Lord


  3. ExcommunicationKicked out of the church


  4. GuildsExpert sailors from Scandinavia


  5. The Battle of ToursFought in France in 732, fought between the Muslims and the Frankish army