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Why do human beings have a desire to know God?
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What is the difference between atheism and agnosticism?Atheism - I know for sure God is not real Agnosticism - Not enough proof for God/not sure, just not going to believeWhat are things we can know about God from reason alone. Why do we need revelation?All powerful All knowing All loving Eternal One Exists Pure spirit We need revelation in order to see God is more than just what we can see through reason, we need him to reveal itDescribe Faith. Where does it come from? Describe Reason. Where does it come from?Faith: gift of knowledge from God Reason: we get from own human intellectual; discernible through natural worldWhat is the difference between natural revelation and divine revelation?Natural revelation - we get through nature Divine revelation - everything else God revealed (mediated)What is the meaning of the word revelation (not definition but the origin of the word)?to unveilWhy do we need Revelation? What is the relationship between reason and Revelation?We need revelation to know certain truths about God (the important stuff that we can't figure out on our own) We need reason to make revelation better/make more sense to us.If human reason can lead us to believe in God and know some of his attributes, why do we need revelation?To know certain truths about God (the important stuff that we can't figure out with reason); reason perfects revelationWhy does God reveal himself to humanity?He wants us to know/be in a relationship with himWhat does it mean that revelation is mediated? What are examples of mediators?God speaks through somebody Abraham, Moses, prophetsWhat are the four motives of credibility that show Revelation is true? What do each mean?The proofs God gives us about Divine Revelation 1. Miracles (most important - Jesus resurrection) 2. Fulfillment of prophecies 3. The growth, stability, holiness of Church (the church has lasted so long through struggles) 4. Dignity of the message (what's being said must come through God, we can't come up with ourselves)What is a miracle? How are miracles and prophecies proofs the Revelation is Divine? What is the greatest miracle? What are the categories of miracles?Miracle- divine sign, wonder, event Divine because cannot be known by human reason, defies laws of nature so can be attributed to God Jesus Resurrection - Apparition - EucharisticWhat is a prophecy? What is a prophet?a prediction of the future, prophets speak for God, give propheciesDoes God force us to believe in prophets and miracles? Why?No because we have free will so we can make our own choices; freedom comes with loveWhy is it necessary to verify the claim that something comes from God? How does the Church verify a Marian Apparition? miracles of healing?We need to insure that they are really from God, not from someone who is crazy. The church investigates to make sure it is real ie: the person's past, the message, the person's welfare since. They send any proof off for scientific testing.What happens at Mary's appearance at Lourdes? What happens at Fatima? What happens in Mexico?(Look at Miracles Quizlet set)What happens in the Eucharistic Miracles?The Eucharist turns into Jesus' real body and/or blood visiblyWhat is the function of a Church council (ecumenical council)?define doctrine, regulate the Christian life, apply discipline in the ChurchHow can we be assured that the Deposit of Faith has been faithfully transmitted down to our present day?Assistance of Holy Spirit Infallibility The Church faithfully preserves and passes down that she received from JesusWhat two components make up the Deposit of Faith? How does the Deposit of Faith relate to Divine Revelation?Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition The Church faithfully preserved and passed down to each generation the divine revelation that she received from Jesus. The deposit of faith is the content of this divine revelationWho gave the Apostles the authority to teach the Truth in the Church? Where do bishops get their authority?Christ through the Holy SpiritWhat is the Magisterium? What are the duties of the Magisterium?universal teaching authority of the Church guides the faithful without error in matters of faith and morals through the interpretation of Sacred Scripture and Tradition.What is papal infallibility (the pope's infallibility)? Does this mean the pope can never sin or make a mistake? What does it mean to say that the Magisterium is infallible?The pope cannot make a mistake when teaching on the faith and morals of the Church No It lasts foreverWhere can we find the teachings of the Magisterium?the creeds catechism of the catholic churchWhat is an ecumenical council? When is are the teachings of a council considered infallible?formal synod of bishops from the whole world who define doctrine, regulate the Christian life, apply discipline in the Church when teaching about the Church's faith and moralsWhat is Sacred Tradition? Where do we find the teachings of Sacred Tradition? What does Sacred Scripture say about the purpose of Sacred Tradition? (Is it important? Necessary? Useful? Good to use?)Word of God entrusted by Christ to apostles and successors and communicated by teaching and preaching Deposit of Faith Important; tradition is prior to scriptureIf we have Scripture, why do we need Tradition?Tradition is prior to scripture Tradition used to encompass entire deposit of faith, scripture refers to part of tradition that was written downWhat does dual Authorship mean? How can there be two authors of Sacred Scripture?2 authors Holy Spirit/God authored what humans wroteWho is the principal author of Sacred Scripture? Who is the instrumental author?Holy Spirit HumansWhat are the three Characteristics of Sacred Scripture? Describe each one.Supernatural - divine origin, content Truth - veracity (teaches truth faithfully and firmly), inerrancy (teaches truth without error)What are the two basic senses of Scripture? What is the difference between the Literal Sense Proper and the Literal Sense Improper?Literal, spiritual Proper - words understood in ordinary meaning Improper - words understood figuratively/ symbolicallyWhat are the three Spiritual Senses of Scripture?allegorical, moral, anagogicalIs a literal sense in every passage of Scripture? A spiritual sense? Can there be both a literal sense and a spiritual sense at the same time? Can there be more than one spiritual sense at the same time?Yes because the literal sense is always what the author intended. No, there can be, but that does not mean there is always a spiritual sense/interpretation. Yes there can be both. There can be more than one, there can be all three.