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Light tents

Generally used for product shots when you don't want distracting shadows or reflections.

Soft box

An attachment light that diffuses it befor hitting the subject.


Are used to add a background color or pattern in your picture.

chroma keying

Using a abackdrop that makes it easier to remove the background.


A piece of photography equipment that stabilizes your camera.


Like a tripod but with a single leg.


Camera attachments that can be added to lightening and that change the color of nature of the light recorded by the camera.

polorizing filter

A special camera filter that acts like a pair of sunglasses, makes the light that reaches the camera more balanced in bright condidtions.

color temperature

Are mesured in K (kelvin) and determins the color of the light in an enviroment.

white balance

Helps you get get the right tint in your pictures.

raw mode

A non compressed file type, usually find on SLR cameras.

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