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Ancient Civilization - Mesopotamian Civilization Chapter 2 section 2 (pg 136-139)


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an educated, wealthy person who is trained to be a record keeper.
A form of writing developed by the Sumerians using a wedge shaped marks and clay tablets with a sharp reed.
A group of lands or territories controlled by one ruler.
What were the roles of men and women?
head of the house
decided whom their children would marry
only males were allowed to go to school
not allowed to go to school
has rights to buy or sell property
Why is writing important?
helps keep records
helps pass on peoples' ideas to others
What inventions and technology did Sumerians have? How were these used to benefit them?
-Invented writing
-An Epic - a long poem that tells the story of a hero
-wagon wheel helped carry people and goods from place to place
number system to 60
recorded position of planets
developed 12 month calendar

It helped them develop planting cycles
how to measure for buildings, how to keep track of time