Chapter 7 study guide

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Group of North American indians that migrated
Plain Indians
List 3 reasons why Indians built mounds
Indian civilization punished adultery by stoning
owned the land in the Incan empire
The Incan
List and briefly describe 2 navigational improvements that made exploration possible
A)Maps- improved for more extensive exploration
B)Compass- allowed sailors to determine latitude
Why Incas built their buildings with sheets of gold
1)To reflect sun
2) remind them of their sun god
Portuguese Prince that prepared his sailors for exploration
Henry the Navigator
Name the first Portuguese explorer to land in India
Vasco De Gama
European country was the first to establish trade with Japan and China
Who was the ruler of the Aztecs when the Spanish Conquistadors Arrived
What was China's response to European exploration
1)Restricted trade
2)Limited Access
What Roman Catholic friar (fryer) traveled to the Americas as a missionary to the Indians ?
Bartolmeu De Las Casas
Why did many indians convert to the Roman Catholic Church
The Indians viewed the Roman Catholic Church as their protector and felt a strong loyalty to the priest and church
Describe the impact of the introduction of horses and pigs to the Americas
Horses- became a great asset to the Indians for Travel,Hunting,and Carrying
Pigs- may have spread disease and lead to the death of many Indians
What impact did the human-borne disease have on the Indian population
The Indian population was drastically reduced by terrible death toll
What did the relationship between Europeans and the Iroquois Confederacy reveal about these tribes
They were powerful enough that the Europeans had to work with them
Why was the Caravel better suited for exploration
Multiple mast and a combination of triangle and square sails help improve manueverability and speed
How was the city of Tenochtitlan built in the middle of the lake
Built city on floating mounds of water plants that were later filled with soil
How did Prince Henry of Portugal contribute to Portuguese exploration
He set up a school to teach his sailors new methods of navigation
List and describe three motives for European Exploration
A)Seek wealth from trade in East
B)Social-adventure praise of men, curiosity, and seeking glory
C)Politicial - claim to foreign lands and raw materials
D)Religous - defeating muslims and preserving Christianity
Indians that lived in the southwest region of North America; Name means "Towns"
Indians built mounds for grave sites, as temples , effigies
Mound builder
Effigy Mound
Indians built these mounds in the form of animal or object
Iroquois Federacy
six tribes that formed a league and spoke a common language
Indians that lived in Central America didn't have a Central government but many city-states
Five Civilized Tribes
5 tribes similar to Iroquois but maintained peaceful relationships with other tribes
an Aztec god; believed that once it lived on the earth
Prestor John
a mythical king in Africa ; thought to be a Christian that would help defeat Muslims
instrument which allowed the sailor to set a star and the horizon
Used to measure an angle between
Dead Reckoning
When Sailors picked what they thought was their location,estimated speed, aimed for compass heading to reach their destination
Trade winds
Belt of favorable consistent winds that blow from eat to west
The capital of Incan Empire