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What is the length of a term of office for members of the US House of Representatives?
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Who has the power to declare war?CongressWhat can the legislative branch do if the president vetoes a bill?Branch can override with 2/3 majorityWho has the power to propose amendments to the constitution of the united states?2/3 of both houses, after approved has to be ratified by 3/4 of statesWhat is the length of a term of office for the president of the United States?four yearsHow old must one be to be elected president of the United States?35 years oldWho has the power to approve or veto laws?president, if it sits and president doesnt sign after 10 days the law is passedWho has the power to make treaties with foreign countries?presidentWho has the power to nominate judges to the Supreme Court?PresidentWho has the power to nominate ambassadors, public ministers, or other officers of the United States, such as members of the cabinet?presidentWho is the Commander in Chief of the military?presidentwhat is the length of term of offices for the justices of the united states supreme court?A lifetimeWho has the power to review all laws and treaties of the United States?US supreme courtWho has the power to settle disputes involving the United States?Federal courtsWho has the power to settle disputes between different states?Federal courtsWho presides over an impeachment trial of the president of the united states?Chief justice of the supreme court