Final Theatre Exam

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4 functions of scene design

deliniates performance space
organizes acting space
characterizes acting space
creates mood/atmosphere


obscure people, objects, or portions of the stage not meant to be seen by the audience

scene designer's skills

arch., paint, design, etc
communicate time period


rear front side

scene shifting


tech vs dress

lighting and tech vs seeing show as it will be on stage

5 functions of costume design

character relations and importance
time and place
mood and atmosphere
alter appearances/movement
changes in dramatic action, style, focus

difference between costume and fashion designers

space ideas and budget are restricted by the set performance

working drawing

no standard procedure

costume chart

broad organization of what costumes go where and when



relationship between costume designer and actor

consider unique physical aspects

4 controllable qualities of light


6 functions of lighting design

provide appropriate visibility
sculpt dimensionality
reinforce stage composition
enhance mood and atmosphere
support production concept
reinforce action

lighting designers skills

visual artist
stage director

theatre of dionysus

removing inhibitions
performed on a slope of a hill


15-50 people
choregos- leader
"who is going to take charge in the community"

nature of formalized performance


roman theatrical context

surviving roman comedies are adapted from greek plays; settings and characters remain greek; comedies were written, romans placed great emphasis on seriousness of purpose and its citizens.

medieval liturgical theatre

christian literacy
limited elaboration
performed in a church

vernacular religious drama

vernacular language
performed by laymen
financed by community

conventions of medieval theatre

human dilemma visible: hell on one side, heaven on the other
costumes were used to distinguish heaven earth and hell

italian renaissance

rediscovery of classical texts
intermezzi (interludes)
commedia dell'arte

commedia dell'arte

theatre for common people
physical and comedic
crass humor

moliere and 17th century theatre practice

17th century french theatre
set standard for comedy
selected by vote
10-15 sharing members
easting was simplified
actors furnish own costumes

elements of romanticism

performed drunk
conflict of sublime and grotesque

comparison of romanticism to neoclassism

neoclassicism: favors social norms, supernatural elements were frowned upon; romanticism: favors a variety of nature and its particular manifestations, mystical and supernatural elements embraced


very emotional
underscoring with music
emotions paint the world around us
stock character typology


something considered beautiful (not there to think, but to enjoy)


staging the world for the first time
more concerned with theatrical effectiveness than with truth to life

elements of darwinism

origin of species
suggested that life developed gradually from common ancestry and that life favored survival of the fittest.
believed people were controlled by heredity


segment of reality transferred to the stage.
naturalists were more rigorous than realists in their demand for truth in art

emergence of director

the need for someone to coridinate and unify all the elements of a production

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