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John Pershing
He captured Pancho Villa
Dollar Diplomacy
using American investment
Emilio Aguinaldo
Led the Filipino against American occupation of the Philippines
White man's burden
Anglo-Saxon's (Whites) duty to civilized other nations or society
Open Door Policy
This policy would give equal rights to all nations to trade in China, not just those with a sphere of influence
Boxer Rebellion
opposed the influence of Western nations, they rebelled and began killing foreigner in China
Commodore Matthew Perry
Landed in Japan to open trade relations
Roosevelt Corollary (Big Stick Policy)
America would the Caribbean area as Roosevelt sent US troops to Central America to defend US interest
Jose Marti
attempted to lead the Cuban revolt, but the Spanish sent an army to brutally crush the rebels.
Henry Cabot Lodge
Pointed to the importance of controlling Cuba and he believed it was paramount to build the Panama Canal
Yellow Journalism
These newspaper deliberately sensationalized the news
The De Lome Letter
The Spanish Ambassador called President McKinley "weak"
Teller Amendment
The United States could not interfere or take control of Cuba
Platt Amendments
The US could interfere with Cuba
Theodore Roosevelt
Trust-Busting president
Rough riders
they led the charge in San Juan Hill. They were led by Theodore Roosevelt
a stronger nations takes over a weaker nations
Spanish-American War
It was two front war fought in Cuba and Philippines.
Queen Liliuokalani
queen of the Hawaii. Didn't want American Businesses because they were ruling the government
Alfred Thayer Mahan
wrote the "The influence of Sea Power Upon History" He said you must have a navy to expand your government
The Spanish American War fought in two Fronts:
The Philippines in the Pacific and Cuba in the Caribbean Sea
Sanford Dole
Was the Provisional President in Hawaii. He owned the sugar Plantations in Hawaii
Dr. William Gorgas And Dr. Walter Reed
Discovered the oil that prevent Yellow Fever (mosquito were horrible in the Panama Canal
Yellow Fever
Mosquitos - Some soldiers in Cuba and Workers in the Panama Canal were getting sick off this fever
John Pulitzer
Yellow Journalist for the New York World
William Hearst
Yellow Journalist for New York Journalist
USS Maine
Explosion of a ship that 128 soldiers died in Havana, Cuba
James Blaine
Secretary of State; He wanted open economic markets in Latin American (Big Sister Policy)
John Hay
Secretary of State under McKinley and Roosevelt who pioneered the open-door policy
Monroe Doctrine (1823)
It prevented European nations establishing colonies in the Western Hemisphere
Pancho Villa
A popular leader during the Mexican Revolution of 1910. An outlaw in his youth, when the revolution started, he formed a cavalry army in the north of Mexico and fought for the rights of the landless in collaboration with Emiliano Zapata.

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