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Lamb of God
When God used animal skins to clothe Adam and Eve, what was that prefiguring?
He doesn't want Adam and Eve to eat of the Tree of Life
Why does God set a guard before the Garden of Eden to prevent Adam and Eve from reentering?
What sacrament was defiled, leading God to cause the great flood?
He was righteous
Why was Noah chosen to survive?
Priestly role
What role was Noah fulfilling when he offered a sacrifice to God after the flood?
The four ways the story of Noah mirrors the story of Adam
God again said to be fruitful and multiply; God restored Adam's former dominion over animals; God restored the creation covenant with the rainbow; Both Adam & Noah in a garden or vineyard where they consume a fruit that reveals their sin and nakedness.
What was Noah's role of this covenant?
What was the group represented in this covenant?
What was the sign of this covenant?
Never to flood the earth again.
What was God's promise of this covenant?
A reminder of the creation covenant, of which this is a renewal.
What is significant about the number 7 in this story?
Get to heaven
What was the goal of building the Tower of Babel?
What do we call the tendency to sin?
Great name, great nation, universal blessing
The three-fold promise God made to Abram
Mt. Ararat
What was the name of the Mountain the Ark came to rest upon?