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  1. Usurp
  2. Comely
  3. Alien
  4. Obesity
  5. Circumspect
  1. a careful, cautious
  2. b (n) a citizen of another country;(adj) foreign, strange
  3. c to seize and hold a position by force
  4. d excessive fatness
  5. e having a pleasing appearance

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  1. to strengthen; build up
  2. a difficult or perplexing situation or problem
  3. uncontrolled, lacking in restraint
  4. a bandit, robber, outlaw, highwayman
  5. sudden and violent but brief; fitful; intermittent

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  1. Iratebrief and to the point


  2. Breachto wipe out; to keep oneself from being noticed


  3. Erraticangry


  4. Diffuse(v) to spread or scatter freely or widely;(adj) long-winded, unfocused


  5. Condone(v) to make a mess of, to get by; (n) a hopeless mess