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  1. Fabricate
  2. Diffuse
  3. Cumbersome
  4. Predispose
  5. Terminate
  1. a to bring to an end
  2. b to incline to beforehand
  3. c (v) to spread or scatter freely or widely;(adj) long-winded, unfocused
  4. d clumsy, hard to handle; slow-moving
  5. e to make, manufacture; to make up, invent

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  1. to let go, give up
  2. (v) to make a mess of, to get by; (n) a hopeless mess
  3. an extremely poor person
  4. to strengthen; build up
  5. bringing in money; profitable

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  1. Proliferateto reproduce, increase, or spread rapidly


  2. Unbridleduncontrolled, lacking in restraint


  3. Mediocreto stop proceedings temporarily; move to another place


  4. Usurpto seize and hold a position by force


  5. Expulsionthe process of driving or forcing out