ccri newport lab exam 2

Paroid,Mandibular,Sublingual Salivary glands
Vessels of the anterior triangle of the neck --Some Experts Might CalL Cats Muscular
S for Sublingual, E and M for External Maxillary,C and L for CranioLaryngeal,C and T for CranioTyroid and M for Muscular.
Seven bones that form orbit of eye ---My eyes feel like pulling Some ZZZs
M -Maxillary, E-EThmoid,F- Frontal,L -Lacrimal,P- Palatine, S-Sphenoid and Zzzs Zygomatic
ooh,ooh,ooh to touch and feel virgin girls vagina and hymen
I Olfactory, II Optic,III Oculomotor,IV Trochlear,V Trigeminal,VI Abducens,VII Facial ,VIII Vestibulocohlear Auditory,IX Glossopharyngeal , X vagus,XI Accessory/spinal,XII Hypoglossal