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algebra II unit 3


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all of the numbers in one vertical line in a matrix
the number of rows and the numbers of columns in a matrix
a number in a matrix
another name for an element of a matrix
a rectangular array of numbers
all of the numbers in one horizontal line in a matrix
a related matrix formed by making the rows of a matrix into columns and the columns into rows
opposite of a matrix
the matrix composed of the opposites of each entry in a matrix
zero matrix
designated 0mxn, the m x n matrix, all of whose entries are 0
a number which can be used as an element of a matrix
identity matrix
a square matrix with ones in the main diagonal and zeros everywhere else
square matrix
a matrix which has equal numbers of rows and columns
elementary row operation
row switching, row multiplication, or row addition
row addition
adding a multiple of one row to another row of a matrix
row multiplication
multiplying a row of a matrix by a nonzero constant
row switching
interchanging two rows of a matrix
augmented matrix
a matrix formed by adding a column of the constant terms to the coefficient matrix of a linear system
coefficient matrix
a matrix formed from the coefficients of the variables of a system of linear equations
a number calculated from the entries in a square matrix that gives information about the matrix, including the nature of the solutions to a related system of linear equations
cramer's rule
a method of calculating the solution to a system of linear equations by finding the quotients of determinants
two matrices are inverses if their product is the identity matrix