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Intro to the Film Midterm

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What is mise-en-scene? What elements of film form comprise mise-en-scene?
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Q1: Films that emphasized the new tech's ability to show movement. Edison was among the top creators of this type of film
Q2: Heavily influenced by non-narrative entertainment like magic shows, fairground attractions, sporting events, vaudeville theater
Q3: Appealed to immigrants because it was silent, so everyone could understand. It appealed to the working class because it showed things they are already liked (like magic shows and fairground attractions, etc.)
Q1: Mise-en-scene is how most of the narrative is communicated - through the use of set changes, costume changes, props, blocking
Q2: The main aesthetic limitation is that all shots are long shots and so the story needs to be communicated through larger motions/props, rather than smaller details
Q3: Actions are often ambiguous or confusing. There's a lack of subtlety, bordering on the extreme. The progression of events may seem very slow do to long takes. You can't control the audience's focus.