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Judges 1
Review of Conquest
Judges 2
Cycle introduced
Judges 17-18
Micah's Idolatry and the tribe of Dan
Judges 19-21
The tribe of Benjamin and the Levite's concubine
Judges 3 (Cycle 1)
Mesopotamians vs. Othniel
Judges 3 (Cycle 2)
Moabites vs. Ehud
Judges 4-5 (Cycle 3)
Canaanites vs. Deborah
Judges 6-8 (Cycle 4)
Midianites vs. Gideon
Judges 10-12 (Cycle 5)
Ammonites vs. Jephthah
Judges 13-16 (Cycle 6)
Philistines vs. Samson