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  1. What is nuclear fusion?
  2. The verticals columns are called _________
  3. What is plasma?
  4. The _________ of an element can be predicted from its location in the periodic table
  5. When these nuclei in the plasma collide they join together and form larger nuclei and release huge amounts of ___________
  1. a when smaller nuclei combine and form larger nuclei - in stars
  2. b groups
  3. c properties
  4. d energy
  5. e a state of matter that is gas-like and is made of free electrons and nuclei of atoms without electrons

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  1. the average mass of all the isotopes of an element
  2. similar
  3. they are blown of into space as the star burns out
  4. carbon
  5. Mendeleev, 63

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  1. The horizontal rows are called _________groups


  2. By 1869 how many elements had been discovered?63


  3. Fusion keeps going until the core of the star is almost all _________iron.


  4. What do we call it when a star explodes?when smaller nuclei combine and form larger nuclei - in stars


  5. What is the most important source of energy in the sun?a supernova