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  1. What are the two differences between Mendeleev's table and the modern periodic table?
  2. THe elements in the same group have ________ characteristics
  3. How did Mendeleev arrange the elements?
  4. What is nuclear fusion?
  5. What is atomic mass?
  1. a when smaller nuclei combine and form larger nuclei - in stars
  2. b in order of increasing atomic mass
  3. c similar
  4. d (1) new elements have been added as they were discovered (2) arranged in order of atomic number , NOT atomic mass
  5. e the average mass of all the isotopes of an element

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  1. supernova
  2. a supernova
  3. patterns
  4. Mendeleev, 63
  5. pattern

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  1. What are the four things (from top to bottom) that are included in each square for an element?When hydrogen fuses to form helium nuclei and energy is produced


  2. By 1869 how many elements had been discovered?63


  3. What is plasma?a state of matter that is gas-like and is made of free electrons and nuclei of atoms without electrons


  4. What are groups in the periodic table sometimes called?families


  5. The hydrogen is at high pressure and extremely high temperatures and it's state of matter is _______plasma