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  1. A supernova provides enough energy to create the ________ ____________
  2. What are the four things (from top to bottom) that are included in each square for an element?
  3. From left to right, the properties of elements in a period change in a _________
  4. WHere do the elements come from?
  5. The hydrogen is at high pressure and extremely high temperatures and it's state of matter is _______
  1. a (1)atomic number (number of protons), (2) chemical symbol (3) name (4) atomic mass
  2. b stars
  3. c heaviest elements
  4. d pattern
  5. e plasma

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  1. periods
  2. Mendeleev, 63
  3. When hydrogen fuses to form helium nuclei and energy is produced
  4. they are blown of into space as the star burns out
  5. 63

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  1. Fusion keeps going until the core of the star is almost all _________iron.


  2. The properties of an element can be predicted from its location in the __________ _______periodic table


  3. How did Mendeleev arrange the elements?a supernova


  4. Like many stars, the sun is made of mostly which element?hydrogen


  5. THe elements in the same group have ________ characteristicsperiods


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