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  1. What do we call it when a star explodes?
  2. The _________ of an element can be predicted from its location in the periodic table
  3. What happens to the heavy elements that a supernove creates?
  4. What is atomic mass?
  1. a a supernova
  2. b properties
  3. c they are blown of into space as the star burns out
  4. d the average mass of all the isotopes of an element

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  1. Henry Moseley in 1913
  2. similar
  3. periodic table
  4. heaviest elements
  5. (1)atomic number (number of protons), (2) chemical symbol (3) name (4) atomic mass

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  1. THe matter in the sun and its planets originally came from a gigantic _________groups


  2. WHere do the elements come from?stars


  3. Fusion keeps going until the core of the star is almost all _________iron.


  4. Like many stars, the sun is made of mostly which element?in order of increasing atomic mass


  5. WHen a helium nucleus fuses with a beryllium nucleus what is formed?carbon