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Vertebral column schermerhorn quiz


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how many bones are in the vertebral column?
what are the vertebral bones separated by?
intervertebral discs
What vertebrae are in the neck? how many?
7 cervical
what vertebrae are in the chest region? how many?
12 thoracic
what vertebrae are associated with the lower back region? how many?
5 lumbar
formed by the fusion of 5 vertebrae
sacrum (between lower back and pelvis)
formed by fusion of 3-5 vertebrae
coccyx (tail bone)
primary curvatures
thoracic and sacral; present from birth; form a c-shape
secondary curvatures
cervical and lumbar; develop after birth; for a s-shape
What are the parts of a typical vertebrae?
body, vertebral arch, pedicle, lamina, vertebral foramen, transverse processes, spinous processes and superior and inferior articular processes
what does the thoracic cage function in?
protecting organs in that cavity
what does the thoracic cage contain?
sternum, ribs, thoracic vertebrae
What are the true ribs?
what are the floating ribs?
intercostal spaces
spaces between the ribs
What are the first two vertebrae of the 7 cervical called?
atlas (C1) and axis (C2)
has no body; contains large depressions that receive the occipital condyles of the skull; allows you to nod "yes"
acts as a pivot point for the rotation of the skull; allows you to move your head side to side to indicate "no"
the sacrum forms
posterior wall of pelvis