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Pectoralis major

adducts and flexes the arm

Pectoralis minor

abducts scapula and rotates it downward, elevates 3rd - 5th ribs during forced inhalation

Serratus anterior

abducts and rotates scapula upward - boxers stance

Latissimus dorsi

extends and adducts arm at shoulder joint, lowers arm when when it is ekevated overhead


middle portion adducts scapula, inferior portion depresses scapula

External oblique

Bilateral contraction that compresses abdomen and flexes vertebral column

Rectus abdominus

Flexes vertebral column,especially lumbar region

Internal oblique

bilateral contraction that compresses abdomen and flexes vertebral column

Transversus abdominus

compresses abdomen


flattens to increase the length and volume of thoracic cavity during normal inspiration


laterally rotates and adducts arm at shoulder joint


assists deltoid muscle in abducting arm at shoulder joint

Teres major

extends arm at shoulder joint

Teres minor

laterally rotates, extends and adducts arm at shoulder joint


medially rotates arm at shoulder


lateral portion abducts arm, anterior portion flexes arm, posterior portion extends arm

Biceps brachii

flexes forearm at at elbow and flexes arm at shoulder


flexes forearm at elbow

Triceps brachii

extends forearm at elbow, extends arm at shoulder


flexes forearm, pronates and supinates forearm

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