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Buster Keaton

Actor discovered by Fatty Arbuckle, started out as a child actor in vaudeville

deadpan look

Buster Keaton was known for his ____?


Buster Keaton's films had a very _____ feel.

Three Keatons

Buster Keaton and his parents formed the _____ in vaudeville.

sherlock jr, the general

What are two examples of Buster Keaton's films?


Buster Keaton was incredibly _________.

acrobatic, every man

Harold Lloyd was ________ and played the ______.

Keystone Studios, Essanay, Mutual, First National, United Artists

What are the five companies Charlie Chaplin has worked for? (KEM FNU)


Chaplin had a ______ childhood.

The Tramp

Chaplin's persona "______" lasts the entirety of his career.

The Kid

What was Chaplin's first feature film?

Pickford, Fairbanks, Griffith

Who were the three people Chaplin formed United Artists with?

Max Cennet, Keystone Studios

Who discovered Charlie Chaplin and what company did he own?

Star System

Max Cennet resisted the __________.


When was the Picture Palace Era?


Nickelodeons were no longer appropriate during the Picture Palace Era - most returned to being _________.

balconies, stages, orchestra pits, elaborate lobbies, huge staffs

What did these temples built for cinema have? (5 things)


Many picture palaces were built with a ______ in mind.


The Strand is in what city?

upper classes

Who were the picture palaces built to appeal to?


Picture palaces often had ______.


People went from paying a nickel to a _______ for picture palaces.

Chicago, air conditioning

Picture palaces in _______ put ______ in theaters so audiences didn't wane during the summer.

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