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Chapter 19 Prentice Hall America History Of Our Nation Civil War To The Present

Civil service
A system that includes most government jobs (take a test to become a government official)
An election where voters choose their party's candidate
The process which people may vote to remove a elected government official from office
A process that allows voters to put a bill before state legislator
(propose a law)
A way for people to vote directly on a proposed new law
Graduated Income Tax
A method of taxation that taxes people at different rates depending on income
A term for a crusading journalist
When was the gilded age
The period after the civil war
What were two concerns of the Gilded Age?
1) wealthy men were enriching themselves at the public's expense
2) corruption in the government
What was the spoils system?
The practice of awarding political supporters with government jobs
What does the interstate commerce act do?
It forbade practices such as rebates and set up the interstate commerce commission
What did the interstate commerce commission do?
It oversaw railroads
What did the Sherman anti-trust act do?
It prohibited businesses from trying to limit or destroy competition
Who was William Tweed otherwise known as Boss Tweed?
A boss that took corruption to extremes and cheated New York out of a lot of money
What was the first state to adopt a primary?
What reforms gave power to voters?
Recall; Initiative; Referendum
What did the sixteenth amendment do?
Gave congress the power to ratify an income tax
What did the seventeenth amendment do?
It required the direct election of senators
How did muckrakers stir public opinion?
They exposed corruption and other problems
Theodore Roosevelt
A president that was a strong supporter of progressive goals
A person working to destroy monopolies and trusts
The protection of natural resources
National Park
A natural area protected and managed by the federal government
William Howard Taft
Ran for president and won when Roosevelt didn't want to run again
Woodrow Wilson
A democratic progressive president
What was Theodore's attitude against big business?
He liked big business but said the government must either control bad trusts or break them up
What did president Roosevelt do about the miners on strike in Pensilvania in 1902?
He sided with the strikers and threatened to send troops in to run the mines
What was Roosevelt's square deal?
That everyone should have the same opportunity to succeed
Why did Roosevelt support conservation?
He believed that resources should be used wisely and didn't want to waste them
What did the pure food and drug act do?
It required all food and drug makers to list all the ingredients on packages
How did Taft lose progressive support?
He signed a bill that raised tariffs and modified some conservation policies
How did Woodrow Wilson win the election?
The republican vote was split between taft and Roosevelt
Carrie Chapman Catt
A suffragist who devised a plan to win the vote state by state
People who worked for women's right to vote
Alice Paul
A suffragist who met with Woodrow Wilson
Frances Willard
The president of the WCTU
Ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol
Who formed the national woman's suffrage association?
Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony
Why did women win the rights to vote only in the western states at first?
Because in the west women worked alongside men and these states recognized their contribution
What did the nineteenth amendment do?
Allowed woman to vote in all elections
What was the first university to give a woman a PhD?
Boston University
What does WCTU stand for?
Women's Christian Temperance Union
What did the nineteenth amendment do?
It enforced prohibition
Booker T Washington
An African American who advised other African Americans to move up gradually in society
W.E.B Du Bois
An African American who advised African Americans to fight discrimination
Murder by a mob
Parochial Schools
Schools sponsored by a church
Prejudice against Jews
On what grounds did WEB Du Bois disagree with Booker T Washington?
WEB Du Bois did not want to accept segregation while Booker T Washington did
What are barrios?
Ethnic Mexican-American neighborhoods
Why did emigration from Mexico rise after 1910?
Revolution and famine swept Mexico
What is a mutualista?
Mutual aid groups
What was the gentlemen's agreement?
Japan would stop sending workers to the US and in exchange the US would allow Japanese women to join their husbands who were already in the country
What does the Anti-Defamation league do?
It works to promote understanding and fight prejudice against Jews