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Chapter 7 confirmity

the tendency to change our perspection opinions or behavior in ways that are consistant with group norms
Autokentive Experiment
in sheiffs experiments the movement the Particates though they saw in the light was just an optical illiusion
Soluman Ash's Experiment
Line experiment-is different form sheriffs experiment in that the participants could see the line and there was a clear obivious choice to which was correct yet the participates still choice the incorrect answer because a few people gave that response .
Informational Influence
influence that produces conformity when a person believes others are correct in their judgements
Normative Influence
influence that produces conformity when a person fears a negative social consquence of appear deviant
Private Conformity
The change of beliefs that occurs when a person privately accepts the position taken by others
Public Conformity
A superficial change in overt behavior without a coresponding change of opinion that is produced by real or imagined group pressure (example politicans)
Majority influence
people surccumbing to pressure from peers
Minority Influence
The process by which dissenters produce change within a group
Norm of Reciporcity
dictates that we treat others as they have treated us,This norm leads us to feel obligated to repay for acts of kindness, even when unsolicited.
Changes in behavior that are elicited by direct request
Foot in the Door
A two step compliance technique in which an influencer sets the stage for the real request by first getting a person to comply with much smaller request (asking for 10 then getting 50 later)
two step compliance technique in which the influencer secures agreement with a request but then increase the size that request by revealing hidden costs
door in the face
two step compliance technique in which the influencer perfaces the real request with one that is so large that is rejected. (asking for 100 and only getting 10)
That's not all
two step compliance technique in which the influencer begins with an inflated request then decreases its apparent size by offering a discount of bonus ( cupcake )
behavior change produced by the commands of authority
Milgrams Experiment
people are more obediant when influenced by a stronger authority figuer . ( 450 volts )