Group and Socialization

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Theories on Socialization different perspectives on how we are socialized and how our identities form overlap with psychology not mutually exclusive Id = deepest desires (subconscious) Superego = moral standards that we learn from society Ego = Balance between id and superego - reality Object Relations - the social relationships we experience in childhood determine our adult identity infants identify with their same-sex parent sense of self (identity) emerges when a child is separated from careg…

Theories on Socialization differ how?

How we are socialized and how our identities form

What overlaps with psychology?


Who coined Psychoanalytic


What does Id mean?

Deepest Desires (subconscious)

What does Superego mean?

Moral standards that we learn from society

What does Ego mean?

Balance between id and superego (reality)

What is Object Relations?

The social relationships we experience in childhood determine our adult identity

What is an example of Object Relations?

Infant with the same-sex parent

How is the Infant one an example?

Sense of self (identity) emerges when separated from caregiver

What is Social Learning Theory?

Identity is learned as a response to social stimuli

What is Symbolic Interaction?

We change with the world around us

Example of Symbolic Interaction?

People make meaningful adaptations to their social environment

Who coined Looking Glass Self?

Charles Cooley

What is Looking Glass Self?

We see ourselves as (the way we think) others see us (like being annoying or pretty)

How do groups of two or more work?

people who interact, share common goals, norms, and have an awareness of "we"

What are Expressive Needs?

Emotional needs (companionship, emotional support)

What are Instrumental Needs?

Task oriented

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