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Chemical Reactions & Equations

Chemical Reactions & Equations

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exothermic reaction
energy is released during the reaction,usually in the form of HEAT
physical change
change in state, shape, & size, no new substance is formed
solid is formed in product of chemical reaction
substance is formed as a result of a reaction
substance that undergoes change in a chemical reaction using chemical formulas
small number to right of element to indicate how many atoms of an element
chemical change
changes to something new
chemical reaction
takes place when two or more substances interact to form different substances with different properites
chemical symbol
represents the element with capital letter, or captial letter and lower case letter
number placed in front of the chemical formula
substance made of two or more atoms of different elements chemically combined
energy is absorbed, usually in the form of HEAT
however, temperature is lower
chemical equation
description of chemical reaction using chemical formulas
chemical formula
way of expressing the numbers and types of atoms in a compound
two or more atoms
law of conservation of matter
matter can be neither created nor destroyed
valence electron
electron in the outermost energy level of an atom
and determine chemical properites of an element