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Call: Chuck Berry wanted to be a star through Chess Records, use fame to employ success of masking stories and politics into mainstream messages. Also did this by creating a white audience on TV so crossover was viewed as acceptable. Used electric guitar to express urban life. White women being interested in black men

-Context) Interracial marriages were taboo at this time, civil rights movement still wasn't widely supported in the late 40s and early 50s even though the war had ended, Billboard still segregated top hits

-Lyrics) "way back in history, three thousand years,
In fact ever since the world began,
There's been a whole lotta good women shedding tears All for a brown-eyed handsome man," even if white women could act on these impulse they would be shunned, not accepted, also about keeping segregation/fear

-Music) Rock and Roll, blues and jazz impulse (accepting that this is how the world is but envisioning what could be if the civil rights movement was successful)

Response Songs:

1) Tutti Frutti (Little Richard, 1955)
-Challenged norms based on looks, sounds made during music just like CB challenged inter-racial relationship norm, also Rock and Roll, allusions to gayness, especially during containment era this was risky

2) I Want to Take you Higher (Sly and The Family Stone)
-Jazz impulse, Expression in voice, clothing and set, evoked a feeling, disregarded sense of approval, parallel to theme of challenging ideals and envisioning new possibilities, shift stream of consciousness during illegitimate Vietnam war