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What are the four areas of the primary UI?
Banner Frame, Edge, Application Navigator and Content Frame
What runs across the top of every page and contains a logo and global navigational controls?
The Banner Frame
What allows you to create and customize bookmarks, toggle screen views, display tagged documents, and view a live feed flyout?
The Edge
What provides links to all application menus and modules?
The Application Navigator
What displays information such as lists, forms, homepages, knowledge bas and service catalog?
The Content Frame
Name the various tools and controls contained in the banner frame?
Welcome Message, Impersonation Icon, Elevated Privileges, Global Text Search, Collapse/Expand Banner, Logout, and System Menu Gear
What part of the banner frame shows the name of the current user and provides a link to the user's profile?
The Welcome Message
What allows the administrator to switch user views without logging out?
The Impersonation Icon
What screen element in the banner frame, that is "Administrators Only", is used for testing security and role-specific setup functions?
The Impersonation Icon
This allows the user to elevate to a higher security role when needed then return to thier normal role?
Elevated Privileges
What are two "Administrators Only" controls used in the banner frame?
Impersonation Icon and Elevated Privileges
What banner frame control searches for text in multiple applications?
Global Text Search
This alters the amount of space the banner frame occupies?
Collape/Expand Banner
What screen element in the banner frame returns the user to the welcome page for subsequent logins?
What are the actions associated with the System Menu Gear?
Access Homepages, Use the Application Picker, Select Update Sets, Change Themes, Configure Displays of Lists and Forms, Modify Time Zone Settings, and Enable Split Layout
What is the difference between the System Gear Icon and the System Menu Gear?
They are the same
What happens when you click on the "Printer Friendly Version" Hyperlink while in the System Gear Icon Menu?
It loads the content frame into a new window
This allows you to create and customize bookmarks, toggle screen views, and display tagged documents?
The Edge
What screen element allows you to display your instance homepage?
The Edge
What organizes and provides links to all the applications and modules you have access to in ServiceNow?
The Application Navigator
What screen element is used by administrators to customize which applications are available to users?
The Application Navigator
What is used to quickly access application menus and modules?
The Type Filter Text
What is used to toggle between showing only the favorite modules and showing all modules?
The Filter Favorite Icon
What must you use at the end of URL to simulate a mobile environment on your desktop/laptop browser?
What should you type in at the end of the URL to return to the standard browser interface?
What must you use at the end of URL to simulate a tablet environment on your PC browser?
Where are changes made to allow changing header bar color across an instance, globally?
CSS Properties
Displayed information from a data table, organized in sortable columns is known as:
These are used to display information from a record in a data table.
What is a Table?
A database element. It also organizes data by rows (records) and columns (fields)
What is a Record?
One set of table fields
What is a Field?
A cell in a table (the intersection of a row and a column)
What is a unique 32 character Globally Unique ID (GUID) used to identify a record?
What allows field values to be changed without having to access a form?
The List Editor
Name the three types of List Controls?
Column Control, Record Control and List Control
What is a View?
A saved version of a customized form or list which defines the layout order and what fields appear on the form or list.
System administrators can create and use different views in a Incident for who?
ESS user, ITIL user and Mobile user
When switching views, this submits the form , which saves all changes and triggers what?
Any Onsubmit Client Scripts
When using the slushbucket to add or remove fields from a list, what two columns are used to perform this action?
The Available Items and the Selected Items
What is the Personalized List Gear used for?
To display the slushbucket used to personalize your individual list
What does it mean when you see a small blue dot on the Personalized List Gear Icon?
It lets you know that the list has been modified and it no longer matches the default
When a individual user personalizes a list, It Does or Does Not affect the system default?
Does Not
As a systems administrator, if you have personalized your list layout using the list mechanic, what needs to be done before you can apply global changes?
Reset the column defaults
What are Breadcrumbs?
A hierarchical filter list of conditions
In the smart filter condition builder, what are the three elements of a filter?
Field, Operator, Value
When applying a saved filter, what breadcrumb would you use?
List Control Menu>Filters>your_saved_filter_name
What is a Form?
It displays fields from one record
What two ways can you directly load a form?
-Searching an incident number in the Global Text Search
-Clicking in a List
What are field status indicators?
A colored asterisk that may appear to the left of the mandatory fields
What color is the field status indicator when a required field is Unpopulated?
What color is the field status indicator when a required field that contains data but has not been saved: It's referred to as Populated - Unsaved?
Light Red
What color is the field status indicator when a required field for which a value has been saved: It is referred to as Populated - Saved?
When configuring form fields, what breadcrumb do you follow?
Configure>Form layout
What is Submit?
To save changes on a new form and return to the previously viewed page
What is Update?
To save changes on an existing record and return to the previously viewed page
What is Save?
To save changes without leaving form view
What is Insert?
Saves a new record to the data base instead of updating the current item. It also makes a copy and leaves the form.
What is Insert and Stay?
Saves a new record to the data base instead of updating the current item. It also makes a copy and stays on the form.
Tags can be created on a List or a form. Name these tags.
Standard, Most Active, Most Recent, Most Active Record, Most Recent Record
What are Wildcards?
A symbol to represent zero or more characters
What is phrase searches?
Find a phrase with multiple terms
What are Boolean Operators?
Refined searches with operators such as AND and OR
What are attachment searches?
Searches in files that are attached to records
What are International Character Sets?
Searches with any Unicode characters
What is the name of the Servicenow search engine?
What are the names of the Wildcard Search Syntaxes
mySearchTerm, mysearchterm%, %mysearchterm, !mysearchterm, =mysearchterm, !=mysearchterm, mysearchterm
What does *mySearchTerm mean?
Does a search CONTAINS
What does mysearchterm% mean?
Does a search STARTS WITH
What does %mysearchterm mean?
Does a search ENDS WITH
What does !*mysearchterm mean?
Does a search DOES NOT CONTAIN
What does =mysearchterm mean?
Does a search EQUALS
What does !=mysearchterm mean?
Does a search NOT EQUALS
What does mysearchterm mean?
Common Types of Interfaces?
Homepage, List, Form, Dashboard, Map and Timeline
Enables you to display multiple performance analytics, reporting and other widgets on a single screen
Display graphically on a Google map
Used to track tasks or projects
Through Personalize List Columns, you can do the following
Add, Remove , Rearrange Columns and Reset Column Defaults
Available Searches in ServiceNow
- Wildcards
- Phrase Searches
- Searching Lists
- Boolean Operators
- Attachment Searches
- International Character Sets
- Punctuation
Ways to assign tags
- From the list view using inline editing
- From a list using record control menu
- Configuring tags to assign automatically
Field types
- String
- Choice
- True/ False
- Date/ Time
- Reference
Reference field stores a unique identifier named
Form element used to display information that is not a field in the record
Examples of formatters
- Activity formatter
- Process flow formatter
- Parent breadcrumbs formatter
- Approval summarizer formatter
- CI Relations formatter
Displays the list of activities, or history, on a task form
Activity formatter
Displays the different stages in a linear process flow across the top of a record
Process flow formatter
Provides breadcrumbs to show parent or parents of the current task
Parent breadcrumb formatter
Displays dynamic summary information about the request being approved
Approval summarizer formatter
Displays on the CI forma toolbar for viewing the relationships between current CI and related CIs
CI Relations formatter
How to go back to normal view from mobile view?
How to change branding?
System Properties > Basic Configuration UI16
What is a rule that applies to a form to dynamically change form information or the form itself? (Alternative to client scripts, run on client side/browser)
UI Policy
How do you apply a UI policy to all views?
set global to true
You can set UI Policy on fields on a form to:
Optional/mandatory, hidden/visible, editable/read only
What enables admins to set mandatory and read only states for fields and can be used to enforce data consistently across applications?
Data Policy
What enforces requirements on a field and record data when the data is imported into ServiceNow or when the data in an import set is submitted through an external system.?
Data Policy
This is used to set mandatory and read only states on form fields.
Data Policy
Can a data policy be applied to lists?
The purpose of a _ is to standardize the same data across ServiceNow applications. The controls are similar to UI policy controls, but UI policies are enforced only on data that passes through the browser and UI.
Data Policy
What provides a method to put in buttons, links, and context menu items on forms and lists making the UI more interactive and customizable?
UI Action
What are some examples of UI Actions?
Form Buttons, Form context Menu items, form links, list buttons, list choices
What is a piece of JavaScript configured to run when a record is displayed, inserted, updated, deleted, or when a table is queried?
Business Rule
Can a Business Rule be set up to run before or after the database action has occurred?
Unlike UI policies, business rules DO/DO NOT monitor fields on a form.
Do not
Do global business rules ignore the condition field?
Which list displays all of the business rules?
Business Rules List
T/F Business rules are real-time
Why are business rules NOT real time?
They do not monitor fields on a form, they monitor records as they are inserted or updated
ServiceNow strongly advises FOR/AGAINST using global business rules
Against (use a script include instead)
T/F Business rules are consistently applied to records regardless how they are accessed
What is an application or system that accesses a remote service or another computer system, known as a server?
What is a computer program running as a service; physical computer dedicated to running one or more services, or system running a DB
What kind of a model does ServiceNow use?
SaaS Model
These are shipped to the client (browser) and run there instead of the server.
Client Scripts
What are the 4 ways clients can execute scripts?
onCellEdit, onChange, onLoad, onSubmit
T/F You should use client scripts if you can use UI policies or Access control rules?
What is a security rule defined and set at the row-level and column level and is executed when attempting to access any ServiceNow Table?
Access Controls
What is the list of all the access controls for a table?
Access Control List
What provides these:?
1.) Global Security Mechanism to restrict the read, write, create, and delete operations of rows and columns
2.) Built in flexibility by defining different types of components to evaluate to true
3.) Easier management by the contextual security manager, so there is an awareness of all ACLs when adding or changing ACLs
Access Control Lists
An instance uses _ rules to control what data users can access and how they can access it.
Access Control List
Each ACL Rules specifies what two things?
Object being secured, object permissions
Access Control rules can be defined in three ways
Conditional expressions, scripts, roles
ServiceNow process ACL rules in the following order:
1.) Match the object against _ ACL rules.
2.) Match the object against _ ACL rules
field, table
What are these?

System properties > Security
System Security > Access Control
System Security > High Security Settings
Security Modules
What is an indication to ServiceNow that something has occurred?
What are events caused by?
User Actions, Scripts
More than _ events exist in baseline implementation
Which table are the event definitions located?
Admins can view the definitions by going to:
System Policy > Events > Registry
What is the table containing a record of every generated event?
Event Queue
Where do you go to see the log of events in the event queue?
System Policy > Events > Event Log
A tool for alerting users that events that concern them have occurred (EMAIL, SMS, INVITES)
These are tasks for what?

Configure email properties
Create events and bus rules
Create notifications
Configure email addresses and subscribe to notifications
create or update SN records
Email Notifications
Where do you go to configure email notifications?
System Policy > Email > Notifications
What gets information from a series of referenced fields from different tables?
What does a notification contain?
Mix of static and dynamic content
In SMS where do you go to enable additional service providers?
What is a group of customizations or personalizations that can be packaged and moved from one instance to another?
Update Set
What allows administrators to group a series of changes into a named set and then move this set as a unit to another instance?
Update Set
What record is a "point in time" xml snapshot of the record. Works by writing changes from tracked tables to the customer update tables [sys_update_xml]
Update Set
Used to apply changes that have been checked and verified in another instance.
Update Set
When merging multiple update sets, if several update sets have modified the same object, the _ change will be the one moved to the new, merged update set
Most recent
Allows customizations to be created and modified in a development instance, and then applied to a production instance.
Update Set
What are CAPTURED in update sets?
Business Rules, Client Scripts, fields, forms and form sections, reports, tables, views, workflows
What are NOT CAPTURED in update sets?
Modified CIs, modified Data records, new data records, new users and groups, schedules, scheduled jobs, homepages
T/F: Homepages must be manually added to an update set
How do you add a homepage to a current update set?
Homepage admin > pages
Right click homepage record
Select unload portal page
You can compare versions and revert changes to objects on a table with _ attribute
The _ table has been added to support this feature
Update sets can/cannot be merged?
How can you merge update sets?
System Update Sets > Merge Update Sets
What is designed to provide optimal stability and quality, with the flexibility to quickly address problems and deliver new features
ServiceNow Release Cycles
What does a family contain?
Feature releases, patch releases, hotfixes
What are the three ServiceNow release types?
Feature release, patch release, hotfix
What are the three ServiceNow release phases?
Early access by invite, Opt-in or auto upgrade scheduled based on dates, Opt-in, on-demand, or auto-upgrade
What are these referring too?

1.) Any record that has been altered from the base state by the customer will be exempt from upgrade
2.) This prevents upgrade from overwriting and breaking user customizationslied?
Upgrade Restrictions
T/F Any record that has an updated record in the customer update (sys_update_xml) table is skipped during upgrade
Which module tracks every upgrade made to the system?
Upgrade History
Where do you go to check which release is running on an instance?
System Diagnostics > Stats > Stats
Where do you go to confirm a recent upgrade to a feature release has been performed?
System Logs > Events
Where do you go to configure your instance to send an email at the end of an upgrade?
System Policy > Notifications
ServiceNow Instance Performance is made up of what 3 components?
Application Service Response, network latency, browser rendering and parsing
Displays processing time, including total time and time for each step for a completed transaction
Response Time indicator
Where does the response time indicator appear?
Bottom right of forms and lists
Where do you go to check application server and network responses?
System Logs
What stores a record of all browser activity for an instance?
Transaction Log
Which columns are most watched for list calculations?
SQL Time, Client Response time, Client network and browser time
Server response time should be below _ on average
How do you monitor your ServiceNow servlet?
What is a useful problem indicator that records memory usage and indicates when the instance is running out of memory?
Servlet Memory
What % is typically considered free?
What controls the number of user transactions that can be run parallel?
What is the purpose of semaphores?
Make sure you dont have too many things running at same time
What can Live Feed/Company Feed users do?
Post and reply to messages, Upload and share images and links, like messages and other replies, join groups, tag messages, filter, sort, and search posts, receive email notifications of new posts.
Where do you go to remove posts from all feeds?
Social IT > Feed administration > Messages
What are the 3 live feed groups?
Public, Private, Unlisted
__apply to a particular widget on a form, rather than to the form itself.
onChange ()
____script runs when a form is first drawn and before control is given to the user to begin typing.
_____script runs when a form is submitted.
_______runs when a cell on a list changes value
_______lists the tables on the target system that are not overwritten by the clone process.
System Clone > Clone Definition > Exclude Tables
When a table is excluded, an empty table is preserved. To keep the table data, navigate to _______ and add the table to the list.
System Clone > Clone Definition > Preserve Data
Users with the _____ role use the System Clone application to schedule cloning without requiring a clone request on the ServiceNow HI system.
admin or clone_admin
Repository of technically relevant information, available to users in our organization.
Knowledge Base
What are KB population methods?
1.) Manually
2.) Record Producer
3.) Automatically
4.) From existing
Highest level of KB hierarchy
Second highest level of KB hierarchy
Accessed directly from a topic box or from within the category list
How can you limit who wants to view an article?
User Criteria; Specify User Roles
Article is being written and stored in the KB
Article is ready for subject matter expert (SME) and professional review
Article is current and available according to role assigned
Legacy Documentation, article is superseded by more current information
What are the advantages of task-based flow?
1.) KB submissions show up on engineery's "my work" queue.
2.) Knowledge submissions show up on task based work reports so engineers get "credit" for working on KB
3.) Automated feedback to knowledge submitters lets them know their submissions are being worked on
4.) Admins can enable task-based submission
How can articles be flagged for review?
Flag article checkbox
Where do you go to review flagged articles?
Knowledge Base > Flagged Articles
When does the flag article checkbox display?
When a published article is viewed
ServiceNow KB can be public or private but is _ by default.
What is sometimes called the "Blue Book" icon
Search Knowledge
Robust ordering system for services, hardware, and software and is a central repository of goods and services that an IT service desk provides for users
Service Catalog
What are 4 things the service catalog provides
Ordering System, Service Desk Access, Help and training portal, one stop shopping
What is a dynamic category for displaying the five most ordered items?
Top Requests
A database structured document with info about all live IT services, including those available for deployment. It is the only part of the ITIL service portfolio published to customers and is used to support the sale and delivery of IT services.
The official definition of the ITIL service catalog
These build the system components associated with the request
Record Producers
These are the building blocks of the service catalog
What provides questions to help the requester specify what item, option, or service to order
What provides easier ordering by bundling items
Order Guides
Run behind the scenes and communicate the stages of the approval process to the requestor, as well as drive the request fulfillment
An interface used to create service catalog records; an alternative to lists and forms. Each of these focuses on a specific process or task and can be used anywhere in the ServiceNow platform. In the Service Catalog, these are presented in categories along with catalog items.
Record Producer
Users can use these to create incident, request, an emergency change, and more
Record Producer
These provide options to tailor a catalog item to the customer's needs. Questions that define item options can be added to ask the end user ordering the catalog item.These provide options to tailor a catalog item to the customer's needs. Questions that define item options can be added to ask the end user ordering the catalog item.
Can affect the order price. They are flagged as global by default and will display in all the execution tasks of a requested item. It is defined once and can be used in multiple places.
This provides the ability to order multiple, related items as one request displayed on an initial screen. Where user fills in some preliminary information and, based on the initial information, it displays one or more catalog items for the user to order.
Order Guide
Catalog Item Designer
Enables non-admins to create, maintain, and publish catalog items. Best suited to manage items that have basic questions, approvals, and tasks.
What are the stages for a requested item?
Waiting for approval, approved, pending, fulfillment, completed
This assists users in determining what items they actually need.
Order Guide
What are multiple choice, select box, single line text, reference, checkbox
Variable Types
What is a modular unit of variables that can be shared between catalog items?
Variable Set
Where do you go to create new variables?
Service Catalog > Catalog Variables > Variable Sets
What establishes a sequence for displaying lists
Order Field (Item with 100 order field displays first, 200 displays second)
Visual Representation of activities consisting of connected steps planned out in a sequential manner.
What is the service catalog request items table name?
What are the two default stages for the request item [sc_req_item] table?
Request Cancelled, Completed
What are the Service Catalog workflow stages?
Waiting for approval, fulfillment, delivery, completed, (or Request Cancelled)
What is the service catalog workflow created with?
Graphical Workflow editor
Which table is a service catalog workflow on?
Where do you go to view an existing workflow?
Workflow > Workflow Editor
What are the workflow activities?
Approval, Conditions, Notifications, Tasks, Timers, Utilities
What is a table which defines a set amount of time for a task to reach a certain condition?
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
What is it called when an SLA task does not reach the condition?
What are the 4 main components that work together to power the SLA plugin?
SLA Definition, Task SLA, SLA Workflow, SLA Automation
What are the types of SLA's
Service Level Agreement, Operational Level Agreement, Underpinning contract
What is the name of the task SLA table?
Which table stores each of the individual SLAs attached to particular tasks?
Task SLA
What defines how departments work together to meet the service level requirements documented in an SLA?
Operational Level Agreement (OLA)
What defines and monitors the guarantees established with an outside supplier and is a tool for supplier management?
Underpinning contract (UC)
Best practice for time Zones: Set the time zone as the _ because in the SLA properties you can set the time zone based on the _ or _ 's time zone
systems, CI, caller
What is a mapped graphic image on a homepage? It is a refreshable widget viewable as a homepage section.
When creating User Criteria, if the Match All check box is selected then
only users who match all criteria are given access.
When creating User Criteria, if the Match All check box is not selected then
the user must meet one or more of the set criteria to be given access.
User Criteria definitions include
- CanRead
- CantRead
- CanContribute
- CantContribute
To implement User Criteria, navigate to
Knowledge > Administration > User Criteria
In Service Catalog,____users can order pre-defined, bundled goods and services from the IT organization, or other departments.
Employee Self Service (ESS)
Administrators and users with the_____role can define catalog items, including formatted descriptions, photos, and prices.
catalog admin
Service Catalog Major Components
- Items
- Record Producers
- Variables
- Variable Sets
- Workflows
Service Catalog variables are flagged as ______ by default and will display in all the execution tasks of a requested item.
T/F A variable is defined once and can be used in multiple places.
A request number generated to keep track of an order is stored in___ table
REQ# Request [sc_request] table
Within a request generated from a catalog order, each discrete item ordered is given a specific "Requested Item Number" known as an RITM (number).
RITM# Requested Item [sc_req_item] table
n the Catalog Tasks section for an ordered item, the different tasks display for what has to be done to get the item ready for delivery to the user, for example; the Assignment group, the Due date, Work start, and Work end dates.
SCTASK# Catalog Task [sc_task] table
a _______ is just a container, so it has only two fields: Name and Description.
Variable Set
How to create a new Variable Set?
Service Catalog > Catalog Variables > Variable Sets
_______ can control access to Service Catalog records
User Criteria
How to create a new Service Catalog item?
Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items
How to create a new Service Catalog categories?
Service Catalog > Maintain Categories
What is the name of the database Servicenow is built on?
Where can you access the MySQL database?
The Servicenow Graphical User Interface (GUI)
What do Tables contain?
Data = Records (Rows) and Fields
What do Fields consist of?
Individual pieces of data in a record
How can fields be modified?
By using the Record List Editor or using a form
What are reference fields identified with?
The reference lookup icon and/or reference icon
What are the tools available to Administrators to view and modify the database structure?
Table Module, Tables & Columns Module, Schema Map and System Directory
What is a Table Module?
A list of all tables in the database
What is a Tables & Column Module?
A list of all existing tables with columns and column attributes
What is a Schema Map?
A graphical representation of table relationships
What is a System Dictionary?
AKA the data dictionary table, dictionary entry contains additional information that defines database elements
To view the list of tables, navigate to:
System Definition > Tables
Where can administrators browse available tables and columns?
The tables & columns module
What are the four commonly Used Tables?
Task, Configuration Item,User, Group and Knowledge
What is a Task [task]?
It is a table for storing records that represent work
What does the table for a Configuration Item look like?
What does the Configuration Item table extended for a computer look like?
Name the ways tables can be related to each other?
-Database Views
An extended table includes unique fields plus what?
All of the fields from the parent table
What are the "One-to-Many" relationship fields?
Reference Fields. Glide List, and Document ID Fields
What are Reference Fields?
They allow a user to select a record on a table defined by the reference field.
What is a Glide List?
This allows a user to select multiple records on a table defined by the glide list
What are Document ID Fields?
These allow a user to select a record on any table in the instance
What is meant by a Many-to-Many relationship?
Two tables can be related in a bi-directional relationship, so that the related records are visible from both tables in a related list
What are Database Views?
Two tables can be joined virtually using the Database Views Plugin to allow for reporting on data that might be stored in more than one table
How can you change the Number format per table in the system?
Using the Number Maintenance application
A unique term that the system uses to identify the field in scripts and automated business processes
To view a complete listing of records for all tables and table fields in the database
System Definition > Dictionary
Name the tables extended from Task table
- Problem
- Incident
- Change Request
Name the tables extended from Configuration table
- Network Devices
- Hardware
- Server
To add a different label for an extended table, navigate to
System Definition > Language file
Are all tables extendable ? True/ False
Tables that exist in the base system are called
Base tables
Tables that are created and do not exist in the base system are called
Custom tables
Tables with blue bars are tables that____ the base table
Tables with red bars are tables that____ by the base table
Two key CMDB tables are
- Configuration item (cmdb_ci)
- CI Relationship (cmdb_rel_ci)
___ is any component that needs to be managed in order to deliver Services
Configuration Item (CI)
When you extend a table, you must create a_______
new relationship rule in Configuration > Suggested Relationships
Related List in CI records displays_____
additional components contained by that particular CI
Uses a concept of suggested relationships to help users see reasonable relationships between configuration items
CI Relationship Editor
Use the _______ to create CI relationships
CI Relationship Editor
Display an infrastructure view for a configuration item and the business services that it is part of and that it supports
Dependency Views
_____indicate the status of configuration items, and allow access to the CI's related alerts, incidents, problems, changes and business services
Dependency Views
Methods for populating the CMDB
- Manually
- Import Sets
- Integrating with external CMDBs
- Additional tools such as Help the Help Desk and Discovery (a licensed offering)
Displays the entire CI Hierarchy in a tree format, consolidating class definitions into a central location
CI Class Manager
Represents a type of Configuration Item or essentially a table collecting certain data such as Applications, Computers, Printers, Servers etc.
CI Class
How to access CI Class Manager?
Configuration > CI Class Manager
How to access Suggested Relationships?
Configuration > Relationships > Suggested Relationships
Data Map
External data sources > Import Set table > Transform > Target tables
A tool used to import data from various data sources, and map that data into ServiceNow tables
Import Sets
Import sets store data in____
Import set table
Who can import data?
Any user logged in with the admin or import_admin can manage all aspects of Import sets
Provides a guide for moving data from Import Set tables to Target tables
Transform Maps
_____ is used to determine the name for the Import Set table that the data will be loaded into
The imported file label
For importing, you can only select tables that are _____
- Tables within the current application scope
- Tables within the global scope
- Tables that grant access
Different configurations using the coalesce field
- No coalesce
- Single-field coalesce
- Multiplle-field coalesce
- Conditional coalesce
What happens if no coalesce field is defined
- All imported rows are treated as new records
- No existing records are updated
- If import is executed again, duplicate records will be created
What happens if single coalesce field is defined
- If a target table record exists with the same value in the coalesce field as the staging table record, the target table is updated using the Import Set record values
What happens if multiple coalesce fields are defined
- If a target table record exists with the same value in all the coalesce fields as the staging table record, the target table is updated using the Import Set record values
- All coalesce field values between target and staging table must match to coalesce with multiple fields
What happens if conditional coalesce fields are defined
- Use a script to define if staging table row should coalesce to a target record
- To update a target record using the staging table record values, the script must return the sys_id of the target table record
How to create a new Import Set?
System Import Sets > Load Data
How to create a new Transform Map?
System Import Sets > Create Transform Map
How to define the coalesce field?
System Import Sets > Administration > Transform Maps
How to clean up Import Set tables?
System Import Sets > Import Set tables > Cleanup
What does checking the copy empty fields do?
It would import empty fields from the source table to the target table.
How to remove data collected in the staging table?
Check Delete data only
____ is an interface used for creating or modifying ServiceNow reports
Report Designer
4 sections of Report Designers
Data > Type > Configure > Style
T/F System tables are, by default, restricted from the reporting module. Example
T/F Performance Analytics is enabled for the Incident table by default
____define the metrics to track based on indicator source, and specifies an aggregation such as to count the number of new tickets
______automatically collect scores for automated indicators and breakdowns
Data Collection Jobs
Displays scores for a single indicator and allows you to perform detailed analysis of the metric, such as comparing scores over time
Contains actionable data visualizations that help improve your business processes and practices
How to run reports?
Reports > View/ Run
How to run Data Collector Jobs ?
Performance Analytics > Data Collector > Jobs
user cannot execute scripts on a record or UI page
user cannot define relationships between Configuration Item [cmdb_ci] tables
controls the field that should be saved when a template is created
user cannot create reports on the object
user cannot right-click a choice list field and select Configure Choices
What are the 3 types of access control rules to identify the object being secured
- table.none
- table.field
- table.*
read access control for admin and itil roles
read access control for admin role
read access control for itil role
How to update table role
System Security > Users and Groups > Roles
How to create access control rule
System Security > Access Control (ACL)
Using the ________ feature provides the ability to define a field on an extended table differently from the field on the parent table.
Dictionary overrides
The ______ module provides a view-only list of all existing tables, with columns (fields), column (field) attributes, and indexes
Tables & Columns
Navigate to _______ to view a complete listing of records for all tables and table fields in the database.
System Definition > Dictionary
The _____ table contains a record for each table in the database.
Tables [sys_db_object]
Using the _______ module you can:
- View, add, or modify columns with a searchable and sortable embedded list, define the auto- number format, make the table extendable by other tables, and create modules for the table.
- Launch a schema map for a table by clicking the Show Schema Map related link.
- Open the dictionary entries for the table by right-clicking the form header then selecting Show Dictionary Record.
- Navigate directly to the default list or form view for the table by clicking the Show List or Show Form related link.
- Delete all records from a table by clicking the Delete All Records button on the form header.
What is a User?
A User is one record stored in the User Table
Where can a user go to view their own profile?
Self Service>My Profile
How are Users Brought in?
Manually, LDAP, Single Sign on (SSO)
What is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)?
It's an application protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an IP Network. It is also used to automate administrative tasks such as user creation and role assignment.
What is meant by SSO?
Also known as external authentication, it's an integration that enables a user to log in once and gain access to the resources of multiple software systems without being prompted to log in again.
What is Employee Self Service (ESS)?
These users are pre-authenticated and do not have to enter a username and password again. The are directed to their ServiceNow instance.
What is Data Population?
Allows one to quickly and easily populate Servicenow with user records from an existing LDAP database.
What is Authentication mean?
Users can utilize the same credentials for the ServiceNow application that they use for other internal resources on a company domain.
ServiceNow can integrate with any solution that uses one of the following techniques:
-Unencrypted HTTP Header
-Digest Token Authentication
-SAML 1.1 Browser POST Profile
-SAML 2.0 Web Browser SSO Profile
-Stateless Open ID with signature verification
Define a Group?
One record stored in the Group Table. It is also a collection of users who share a common purpose.
What are some examples of Groups?
-Training Group
-Service Desk
-Chat Support
What is Assignment Lookup Rules?
Assigns incidents to users or groups based on Category, Sub Category, Location, or Configuration items.
The fields used to determine the assignment, when referring to Assignment Lookup Rules, can be amended using:
System Policy > Data Lookup Definitions
What is an Assignment?
Assigns tasks to users or groups based on conditions or scripts.
As a best practice, when applying task assignment:
Assign tasks to groups instead of users
What is a Role?
-A persona that is assigned to a group or a single user
-A collection of permissions used to grant access to applications and other parts of the system as well as assign security controls.
What is a System Administrator role?
Has all roles and access to all system features, functions, and data, regardless of security constraints.
Who can grant privileges to become a Specialized Administrator?
The System Administrator
What is the Specialized Administrator roles also referred to as?
Delegated Admins.
What is the role of a Fulfiller (ITIL)?
These users have clearly defined paths and workflows in the system and have one or more roles.
A Requester is also known as a what?
An end user or Employee Self Service (ESS)
What actions can Approvers perform?
All requester actions and view or modify requests directed to the approver.
What is a Delegate?
Another user in the instance designated to receive and interact with approvals and tasks assigned or sent to you.
What is a Role Delegation Plugin?
It is where an administrator can grant a user the right to delegate roles within a particular group.
What does a Role inherit?
All permissions of any other roles it includes.
What do all the Roles at the top of the hierarchy inherit?
The permissions of all of the roles below it.
If a new Role is created in the hierarchy, who is granted the Role?
The System Administrator is automatically granted the role.
It is best practice to NOT map roles directly to whom?
What is the preferred method of assigning roles to users?
Add users to groups that have been assigned the desired roles.
What governs access to applications and modules?
Users are stored in this table
Groups are stored in this table
Roles are stored in this table
Which role manages UI Policies
Which role manages UI Actions
KB Articles are stored in which modules
Which of the following is not a valid type for Incident table?

- Currency
- Long String
- Suggestion
Long String
How do you modify field behavior ?
Right click > Personalize > Dictionary
DB name for custom table?
For an incident record, when saved

A) Additional Comments gets copied to work notes
B) work notes gets copied to Activity Log
C) work notes gets overwritten
work notes gets copied to Activity Log
if workflow is not published only checked out, will it be captured in the update sets?
No, only published workflows are captured in update sets
How will you approve a catalog request?

1) Right click request record in request list and click approve
2) Right click task record in task list and click approve
3) Send approved email to service-now@wsgc.com
4) All above
Right click request record in request list and click approve