functional groups (set 3)

cards have ball and stick pictures of structure
Phosphate Group
consists of a phosphorus atom bonded to four oxygen atoms. It is usually ionized and attached to the carbon skeleton by one of its oxygen atoms.
Amino Group
composed of a nitrogen bonded to two hydrogen atoms and the carbon skeleton. It acts as a base by picking up H+ from a solution. Organic compounds with an amino group are called amines. Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, contain a carboxyl and an amino group.
Carbonyl Group
a carbon atom is linked by a double bond to an oxygen atom. If the carbon of the carbonyl group is at the end of a carbon skeleton, the compound is called an aldehyde; if it is within the chain, the compound is called a ketone. Sugars contain a carbonyl group and several hydroxyl groups
Hydroxyl Group
consists of a hydrogen atom bonded to an oxygen atom, which in turn is bonded to the carbon skeleton. Ethanol and other organic compounds containing hydroxyl groups are called alcohols.
Carbonyl Group
consists of a sulfur atom bonded to an atom of hydrogen
Carboxyl Group
consists of a carbon bonded to three hydrogens. Compounds with these groups are called methylated compounds.