26 terms

3Rs vocab, #3

This is the third list of words we need to know for Mr. Minick's 3Rs II. Ask me questions through chat!
perdition (n)
pedant (n)
a boringly academic person
peccadillo (n)
mistake, small offense
parry (v)
to block or push aside a blow
panoply (n)
an impressive array
congenital (adj)
something existing since birth
corroborate (v)
to verify a story
dilatory (adj)
ebb (v)
to recede
jurisprudence (n)
the philosophy of law
pall (n)
a covering that darkens or obscures
palaver (n)
idle talk, jabbering
obsequious (adj)
overly submissive
neophyte (n)
a beginner
mercurial (adj)
quick, unpredictable
dogmatic (adj)
rigidly fixed in opinion, opinionated
effusive (adj)
overflowing with emotion
exhume (v)
to remove a corpse from a grave
gambol (v)
to dance playfully
goad (v)
to poke or prod
niveous (adj)
burgeon, burgeoning (v)
to sprout, to grow
cavalier (adj)
care-free, unceremonious
coalesce (v)
to come together, to grow together
commensurate (adj)
ebb (n)
a point of decline