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This is the third list of words we need to know for Mr. Minick's 3Rs II. Ask me questions through chat!

perdition (n)


pedant (n)

a boringly academic person

peccadillo (n)

mistake, small offense

parry (v)

to block or push aside a blow

panoply (n)

an impressive array

congenital (adj)

something existing since birth

corroborate (v)

to verify a story

dilatory (adj)


ebb (v)

to recede

jurisprudence (n)

the philosophy of law

pall (n)

a covering that darkens or obscures

palaver (n)

idle talk, jabbering

obsequious (adj)

overly submissive

neophyte (n)

a beginner

mercurial (adj)

quick, unpredictable

dogmatic (adj)

rigidly fixed in opinion, opinionated

effusive (adj)

overflowing with emotion

exhume (v)

to remove a corpse from a grave

gambol (v)

to dance playfully

goad (v)

to poke or prod

niveous (adj)


burgeon, burgeoning (v)

to sprout, to grow

cavalier (adj)

care-free, unceremonious

coalesce (v)

to come together, to grow together

commensurate (adj)


ebb (n)

a point of decline

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