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Generic Name:Latanprost
Classification: Prostaglandin Inhibitor
Usage: To treat open angle glaucoma/increase pressure in the eye(ocular hypertension)


Generic Name: Travoprost
Classification: Prostaglandin Inhibitor
Usage: Treat glaucoma/ocular hypertension


Generic Name:Timolol
Classification: Betablocker
Usage: Treat glaucoma/ocular hypertension


Generic Name:Betaxolol
Usage:Treat glaucoma/angina/cardio condition


Generic Name:Carbamide Peroxide
Classification:Anti Inflamatory
Usage:Remove ear wax/soften/loosen


Generic Name:Ketorlac
Classification:Anti Inflammatory
Usage:Treat pain,burn,sting after eye vision/correction surgery

Acular Soln(solution)

Generic Name:Oxtmetazoline HCI,Phenylephlrine
Usage: Nasal congestion,treat infection of sinus


Generic Name:Tetrahydrozoline
Usage:Relieve redness/dryness of the eye

Murine Plus

Generic Name:Vidarabine
Classfication: Anti Viral
Usage:Use before/after eye surgery, reduce swelling


Generic Name:Idoxuridine
Classification:Anti Viral
Usage: Treat eye infection, slow the growth of a virus

Herplex Soln(solution)

Generic Name: Triflurdine
Classification: Anti Viral
Usage: Treat eye infection


Generic Name: Chloraphenicol
Classification:Anti Infective
Usage:Ear/ eye infection

Chloromycetin Soln (solution)

Generic Name: Ofloxacin
Classification: Ab, Anti Infective
Usage:Ear infection

Floxin Otic Soln (solution)

Generic Name:Antipyrine Benzocaine
Classification:Anti Infective,Analgensic,Anesthetic
Usage: Treat ear infection/pain


Generic Name: NA Chloride
Classification:Anti Infective
Usage:Treat nasal allergy/ear infection,cordia endema


Generic Name: Triple AB
Classification:Anti Infective
Usage:To prevent/treat eye infection


Generic Name:Silver Nitrate
Classification:Anti Infective
Usage: Close open wound to the eye

Silver Nitrate

Generic Name:Sulfacetamide NA
Classification: Anti Infective
Usage: To treat eye infection

Bleph - 10

Generic Name:Erythromycin
Classification:Anti Infective
Usage: Treat eye infection


Generic Name:Flurbiprofen
Classification:Anti Inflammatory
Usage: Use before/after eye surgery/ reduce swelling


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