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Vocabulary for the CBM #2

composite number

numbers that are divisible by more than two numbers


able to be divided by a number without having a remainder


whole numbers that are multiplied to find a product

greatest common factor

the largest of the common factors shared by two or more numbers

prime factorization

the process of writing the number as the product of its prime factors

prime number

a number divisible by only the number 1 and itself

equivalent fractions

fractions that represent the same value

simplest form

a fraction where the greatest common factor of the numerator and the denominator is 1

least common multiple

the smallest number that is a multiple of two or more numbers


The sum of all the items, divided by the number of items in the set (sometimes called an average)


The middle value when the data are in numerical order or the mean of the two middle numbers if there is an even number of items


The value or values that occur most often in a set of data


The difference between the least and the greatest values in the set

bar graph

Displays data with vertical or horizontal bars

coordinate grid

A plane formed by the intersection of the x-axis and the y-axis

double-line graph line

graphs that display two sets of data

ordered pair

Two numbers that name a location on a coordinate grid

stem-and-leaf plot

Shows data arranged by place value

line graph

Displays a set of data using line segments

line plot

A method of displaying data that uses a number line to show the frequency of values

double-bar graph

A bar graph that shows two related sets of data


the numbers in an ordered pair that locate a point on a coordinate graph


the four areas created by the axes on a coordinate plane


the horizontal axis on the coordinate plane


the first value in an ordered pair


the vertical axis on the coordinate plane


the second value in an ordered pair

coordinate plane

formed by two number lines in a plane that intersect at right angles at zero on each number line

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