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Forensic Science Stuart H. James ch 13 fingerprinting


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Accidental Whorl
a combination of two different types of pattern, with the exception of the plain arch, with two or more deltas; a pattern that possesses some of the requirements for two or more different types; or a pattern which conforms to none of the definitions
...one of the three basic fingerprint patterns. Ridges enter one side of the print and exit the other side
Automated Fingerprint Identification
..., a computer system for storing and retrieving fingerprints
..., A place where fingerprint ridges divide into two branches
...The center of a whorl pattern in a fingerprint
...Important fuming method for the visualization of latent fingerprints
...A process applied to a latent fingerprint to make it visible
...the smallest component of printer output
double loop whorl
...fingerprint made up of any two loops combined into one print
friction ridge skin
...skin on the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands and fingers in humans and some primates that forms ridges
...the valleys between ridges in fingerprint patterns
individual characteristics
...Feature that is unique to a specific item
integrated automated fingerprint Identification system (IAFIS)
A national system with capabilities such as electronic image storage, latent searching, and electronic exchange of fingerprints and responses is called:
iodine fuming
a technique for visualizing latent fingerprints by exposing them to iodine vapors
latent fingerprint
a hidden fingerprint made visible through the use of powders or other techniques
...one of three basic print pattern that has one delta and one or more ridges that enter and leave on the same side.
major features of a fingerprint, which can be used to make comparisons of one print with another. ex. ridges, Island, short ridge, ridge ending, bifurcation, enclosure.
A chemical reagent used to develop latent fingerprints on porous materials by reacting with amino acids in perspiration
patent fingerprint
a visible fingerprint that happens when fingers with blood, ink, or some other substance on them touch a surface and transfer the pattern of their fingerprint to that surface
physical developer
a silver nitrate-based reagent formulated to develop latent fingerprints on porous surfaces
powder dusting
An old but tried-and-true method for visualizing fingerprints on nonporous surfaces
Elevated portion of skin patterns in a finger print. formed by dermal papillae
Super Glue
..., a technique used to visualize latent fingerprints on nonporous surfaces. a chemical in the glue reacts with and adheres to the finger oils, producing a visible substitute for the underlying prints
..., A fingerprint pattern that resembles a bull's-eye.
dermal papillae
Found in the upper layers of the dermis, they create your fingerprint pattern