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Mrs.Burns We the People lesson 1 quiz

How many original colonies?
13 colonies
What did the colonists value most?
freedom, freedom to own land, freedom to practice religions, and the right to vote
Politicial leaders of the colonies?
the founders
People who worked for colonial farmers, in return for the cost of the trip from Europe to the colonies?
indentured servants
Colonists who made their own food, clothing, homes?
Population of the colonies in the 1790's?
about 4 million
Who could vote in the colonies?
white adult men who owned at least 50 acres of land
Colonists were ________ under the rule of the monarch King George III.
Which European countries colonized in America in the 1790's?
France, Spain, Netherlands, Great Britain
ESSAY: Describe life in the colonies? How did the colonists earn a living, what religions were practiced, what languages spoken, what did the colonists value?
90% were farmers
Religion: Protestants, Catholics, and Jews
Language was English
They Valued: Freedom, right to vote, freedom to own land, and freedom to practice their own religion